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BBC Four

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Art of Eternity

Art of Eternity logoHow should art depict the relationship between man and God? How can art best express eternal values? Can you and should you portray the face of Christ? For over 1,000 years these were some of the questions which taxed the minds of the greatest artists of the early West. In this three-part series, art historian Andrew Graham-Dixon sets out to unravel the mysteries of art from the pre-perspective era.

Art of the Sea

Art of the Sea logoThis series is part of Sea Fever – The Story Of Britain And The Sea, a major new season on BBC Four that looks at the ways in which the sea has helped to shape modern Britain. Sea Fever focuses on maritime history, culture, economics and science and coincides with a new exhibition at the National Maritime Museum.

Asian Invasion

Asian Invasion logoIn a new three-part series Jonathan Ross travels to Japan, Hong Kong and Korea to explore the world's most innovative cinema. In each episode Jonathan meets Asia's most talked about actors and directors and shares his passion for all aspects of Asian filmmaking with a multitude of clips.


Atom logoJim Al-Khalili, the head of theoretical nuclear physics at the University of Surrey, brings absorbing and accessible views on the development of fundamental physics ideas to the screen for both non-scientists and scientists. Even if you already have a strong science interest/background, this captivating mini-series offers a different take on many familiar and not-so familiar names (Einstein, Bhor, Curie, Rutherford), their relationships and key events that makes it well worth viewing. In this three-part documentary series, Professor Jim Al-Khalili tells the story of one of the greatest scientific discoveries ever: that the material world is made up of atoms. The book that accompanies the Atom series is published by Icon Books.
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Autopsy: Life and Death

Autopsy: Life and Death logoIn this new four-part series, anatomist Dr Gunther von Hagens and pathologist Professor John Lee get right under the skin to reveal the processes in life that tie us to our ultimate fate in death. The two scientists perform a series of autopsy demonstrations at the Institute of Plastination in Heidelberg, Germany, in which they point up the process of finding a cause of death. With the aid of human dissection, live models and scientific models they are able to reveal what disease really looks like and how it works. It is important to note that in the UK, a standard clinical autopsy tends to follow a set pattern in order to establish a sound cause of death for scientific, medical and legal purposes. The autopsy demonstrations in the programmes employ similar techniques to the clinical sta...

Baroque - From St Peter's to St Paul's

Baroque - From St Peter's to St Paul's logoA major new three-part series for BBC Four tells the story of the Baroque age. Written and presented by art critic Waldemar Januszczak and filmed in high definition in many of the key locations of Baroque across Europe, the series explores the impact of the world's first truly global art movement as it travelled from Catholic Rome to Protestant London between 1600 and 1720, before eventually ending up as the house style of the whole of Latin America. The Baroque is habitually presented as an era of brilliant individuals: Caravaggio in Italy, Velazquez in Spain, Rubens in Flanders and Rembrandt in Holland are some of the greatest artists that have ever lived. But a wider truth about the Baroque, often overlooked, is that it was an era of huge artistic achievement across the board –...

BBC Four Sessions

BBC Four Sessions logoSeries of unique concerts featuring musicians from around the world.

BBC Paris

BBC Paris logoJoin Sandrine Viollet as she takes you on a journey, experiencing life in the real Paris; a ground view of the city that’s seldom seen by tourists. From informal chats over the dinner table, through market places to the courtyards where real Parisian life can be absorbed, Paris provides an excellent insight into 400 years of the city’s history.

BBC Proms

BBC Proms logoThe BBC Proms is an eight-week summer season of daily orchestral classical music concerts.

BBC Summits

BBC Summits logoDavid Reynolds, Professor of International History at Cambridge University, uncovers the fascinating behind-the-scenes story of three ground-breaking summit meetings that have shaped the modern world.
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