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BBC Four

BBC Four logoNo Description

What Darwin Didn't Know

What Darwin Didn't Know logoA special that examines Charles Darwin's book "The Origin of Species" and the solutions to some of the puzzles and problems he faced.

Who Killed Caravaggio

Who Killed Caravaggio logoAn investigation into the life and death of the great Baroque artist Caravaggio, who died in 1610 aged only 39 after a life full of violent incident. Art critic Andrew Graham-Dixon travels from Rome to Naples, then to Sicily and Malta, where Caravaggio died four years after being exiled from Rome for killing a man in a street fight.

Wild Swimming with Alice Roberts

Wild Swimming with Alice Roberts logoAlice Roberts embarks on a quest to discover what lies behind the passion for wild swimming, now becoming popular in Britain. She follows in the wake of Waterlog, the classic swimming text by the late journalist and author, Roger Deakin. Her journey takes in cavernous plunge pools, languid rivers and unfathomable underground lakes, as well as a skinny dip in a moorland pool. Along the way Alice becomes aware that she is not alone on her watery journey.

Wild Thing I Love You

Wild Thing I Love You logoEach week in Wild Thing, Bill Bailey leads a team of experts on a mission to rescue some of the UK's most vulnerable wildlife. Bill and his team, ecologist Dusty Gedge, zoologist Dr Sasha Norris and engineer Jem Stansfield, must determine possible causes of wildlife problems then try to come up with engineering solutions to solve them.
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Wilderness Explored

Wilderness Explored logoTwo hundred years ago vast expanses of the Arctic, Australian desert and central African jungle were virtually unknown to European explorers - literally great blanks on the map, their wildernesses places of unimaginable fear. But explorers were to change that. Some brave, some learned, many greedy, most ill-prepared for what they were to face, they embarked on expeditions to test their mettle, seek riches, and to discover and lay claim to whole uncharted territories. Wilderness Explored three-part documentary series telling the stories of early European explorers who reached the wildernesses of the Arctic Australia and the Congo.

Women in Love

Women in Love logoAdaptation of DH Lawrence's novels The Rainbow and Women in Love, focusing on the lives of two sisters as they struggle with love, passion and commitment in the build-up to WWI.


Yellowstone logoA natural history portrait of a year in Yellowstone, following the fortunes of America's wildlife icons as they face the challenges of one of the most extraordinary wildernesses on Earth.

Young Guns Go for It

Young Guns Go for It logoDocumentary series examining the music and the musical icons of the 80s.
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