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BBC Four

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The Twenties In Colour

The Twenties In Colour logoThe Archive of the Planet was the brainchild of the millionaire French banker and philanthropist Albert Kahn. Between 1908 and 1930, he used his vast personal fortune to generate what is now generally acknowledged to be the most important collection of early colour photographs in the world. At the time Kahn embarked on this project, colour photography was still in its infancy. It was only a year before the Archive was created that the legendary French inventors Auguste and Louis Lumière had marketed the autochrome - the world's first user-friendly photographic system capable of taking true colour pictures. Almost straight away, Kahn acquired one. It's not difficult to see why Kahn was so beguiled: the autochrome system produces images of mesmerising beauty. As an idealist and an internat...

The Walshes

The Walshes logoThe Walshes are a warm, tight-knit family from the West Dublin suburb of Strollinstown. But sometimes tight-knit is too much, and the Walshes are tripping over each other as the kids out-grow the family home.

The Way We Cooked

The Way We Cooked logoDinner parties have never been so popular. Cookery books fly off the shelves as people look for the ideal recipe for entertaining at home. In this series, we'll be looking at how our attitudes towards food have changed over the past half century. And it's thanks, in no small measure, to a small group of people: the TV Chefs. From Fanny Craddock, to Graham Kerr; from Delia Smith to Jamie Oliver, it seems we're desperate to find a kitchen guru who will make us look like the perfect host and hostess. A series in which Miriam Margolyes examines the UK's fascination with celebrity chefs, and their culinary influence over the past 50 years.

The Weather - A Very British Obsession

The Weather - A Very British Obsession logoDocumentary series about the weather.
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The Year the Town Hall Shrank

The Year the Town Hall Shrank logoDocumentary series telling the story of how the city of Stoke-on-Trent struggles to cope with the impact of the largest funding cuts to local government ever imposed by central government. The depth of the cuts forces not just the council to reconsider what they do and how they do it, but the people of Stoke to ask themselves what they expect their local authority to do for them. With in-depth access to the council and its decision makers and following the human consequences of decisions taken in the town hall and Whitehall, this is a gripping and moving tale of power, competing priorities and the intimate human costs of cuts recorded over the course of a year.

Time Shift

Time Shift logoA series of documentaries exploring British cultural history.

Time to Remember

Time to Remember logoIn the 1950s, the newsreel company Pathe mined their archive to produce a series of programmes for television called Time to Remember. Made by the producer Peter Baylis, they chronicled the political, social and cultural changes that occurred during the first half of the 20th century. In 2010, the material from the original Time to Remember has been collected together thematically to create a new 12-part series under the same title that offers a rewarding perspective on the events, people and innovations from history that continue to shape and influence the world around us.

Timothy Spall: Somewhere at Sea

Timothy Spall: Somewhere at Sea logoA mini-odyssey along the coast from Cornwall to Wales in the company of the actor Timothy Spall and his wife Shane on their Dutch barge.

Tony Robinson And...

Tony Robinson And... logoTony Robinson and science journalist Becky McCall step into the unknown to investigate whether past paranormal events should be taken seriously or dumped into history's litterbin.

TV's Believe it or Not!

TV's Believe it or Not! logoComedian Sean Lock looks at some extraordinary television and the truths behind it.
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