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BBC Four

BBC Four logoNo Description

Talking Landscapes

Talking Landscapes logoProfessor Aubrey Manning sets out to uncover the history of Britain's ever-changing landscape.

The Alan Clark Diaries

The Alan Clark Diaries logoA six-part drama starring John Hurt as the irrepressible Tory minister. Controversial, irreverent, charming and vain, Alan Clark was one of our most colourful politicians during the 1980s and 90s. Adapted from his best-selling diaries, Clark lays bare personal and political landmarks of the time with unique wit and candour, from his first lowly ministerial appointment in 1983, through the glorious rises and the ignominious falls, scandals and affairs.

The Art of Arts TV

The Art of Arts TV logoFor the past half century, arts programming has been one of the cornerstones of British public service television. This three-part series sees an illustrious line-up of luminaries, including David Attenborough, Joan Bakewell, Melvyn Bragg, Jonathan Miller, Jonathan Meades, Ken Russell, Brian Sewell and Alan Yentob, reflect on the contribution that arts programmes have made to our national broadcasting culture.

The Art of Germany

The Art of Germany logoThree-part series in which Andrew Graham-Dixon explores German art, examining the country's unique national style and 500-year cultural legacy
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The Art of Russia

The Art of Russia logoSeries in which art critic Andrew Graham-Dixon tells the incredible story of Russian art - its mystery and magnificence - and until now a story untold on British television. He explores the origins of the Russian icon from its roots in Byzantium and the first great Russian icon, Our Lady of Vladimir to the masterpieces of the country's most famous icon painter, Andrei Rublev. Both epic and awe-inspiring, and producing brilliant art, nevertheless medieval Russia could be a terrifying place. Criss-crossing the epic landscape, Andrew visits the monastery founded by Ivan the Terrible, where his favourite forms of torture found inspiration in religious art. One man would shine a light into Russia's 'dark' ages - Peter the Great who, surprisingly, took as his inspiration Deptford in South Lon...

The Beauty of Diagrams

The Beauty of Diagrams logoSeries in which mathematician Marcus du Sautoy explores the stories behind some of the most familiar scientific diagrams.

The Beauty of Maps

The Beauty of Maps logoDocumentary series looking at maps in incredible detail to highlight their artistic attributions and reveal the stories that they tell.

The Biggest Chinese Restaurant in the World

The Biggest Chinese Restaurant in the World logoFour part series looking at China's largest restaurant looks at what it takes to run a successful restaurant business in China. It introduces us to the energetic owner, Qin Linzi, her highly capable general manager and the army of waiters, chefs, managers and staff who keep everything running smoothly. West Lake Restaurant in South China's Changsha can safely call itself the biggest Chinese restaurant in the world, with its staff of 1,000 working 5,000 tables and serving no fewer than 150 ducks per day and 200 snakes per week. The words of the restaurant's staff and guests are used in the film to paint a picture of modern China: the proprietress, one of the city's 20 self-made millionaires, speaks candidly about her failed marriage; a bridegroom-to-be who is celebrating at the restaurant ...

The Boats That Built Britain

The Boats That Built Britain logoSailor and writer Tom Cunliffe profiles ships that have played an important role in the development of modern Britain. This series is part of Sea Fever – The Story Of Britain And The Sea, a major new season on BBC Four that looks at the ways in which the sea has helped to shape modern Britain. Sea Fever focuses on maritime history, culture, economics and science and coincides with a new exhibition at the National Maritime Museum.

The Brain: A Secret History

The Brain: A Secret History logoMichael Mosley embarks on three journeys to understand science's last great frontier - the human mind - as he traces the history of the attempts to understand and manipulate the brain
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