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BBC Four

BBC Four logoNo Description

Pop Britannia

Pop Britannia logoPop Britannia explores our flair for pop, our fascination with finding our own pop voice and our obsession with style and the imagery of empire and nationhood.

Prog Rock Britannia

Prog Rock Britannia logoDocumentary about progressive music and the generation of bands that were involved

Punk Britannia

Punk Britannia logoA brand new take on the most transformative force in British popular music history.

Railway Walks

Railway Walks logoJulia Bradbury has her backpack on to explore the great outdoors. Her walks follow the old tracks, overgrown cuttings and ancient viaducts of Britain's lost rail empire, visiting disused lines across England, Scotland and Wales. Through stunning landscapes and urban backstreets, each contrasting walk has a unique story to tell, offering Julia a window into industrial Britain and how the rise and fall of the railways has altered lives and localities across the country.
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Rebels and Redcoats: How Britain Lost America

Rebels and Redcoats: How Britain Lost America logoHistorian Richard Holmes brings us the extraordinary story of America's first civil war. We've been told that the War of Independence was the American people's struggle for liberty against an oppressive colonial power. However, many Americans were loyal to the British Crown throughout the war; men and women often chose sides not because they wanted freedom, but because they wanted their neighbour's land. Using vivid reconstruction, eye-witness accounts, original documents and paintings, and Richard's proven story-telling skills, this film overthrows traditional perceptions about these compelling years. As the story unfolds, the truth emerges - a truth far more fascinating than we were ever led to believe.

Regimental Stories

Regimental Stories logoSeries looking at five different British Army regiments

Rich Hall's Cattle Drive

Rich Hall's Cattle Drive logoRich Hall's Cattle Drive is a television sitcom starring Rich Hall and Mike Wilmot. It was broadcast in 2006 in the United Kingdom on BBC Four, and ran for one series consisting of six episodes. It has been repeated on BBC Four but has not been shown on British terrestrial television. Rich Hall and Mike Wilmot drive a herd of Longhorn cattle across the paths of England and Wales on stolen police horses. They make many friends and enemies along the way, including bounty hunters and animal rights activists.

Rich Hall's Fishing Show

Rich Hall's Fishing Show logoRich Hall's Fishing Show is a comedy programme written by and starring Rich Hall and Mike Wilmot. It was broadcast in 2003 in the United Kingdom on BBC Four. The show was set in the lochs of Scotland, on which Hall and Wilmot would go fishing. However, very few fish were caught, and the situation instead formed the setting for duologue between the pair which would be vaguely themed on subjects like love or the Olympic Games. Some episodes featured sketches involving characters such as Bob, a decapitated limousine driver whose head had survived, and Charles Manson, a reclusive salesman who, despite his appearance, was not the convicted serial killer of the same name. Each episode would end with a celebrity guest who was invited on to the boat to talk and fish with the pair.

Rick Stein Tastes the Blues

Rick Stein Tastes the Blues logoStein Tastes The Blues explores references to food ingrained in the lyrics of the blues. Many of the dishes stand the test of time in family-run restaurants up and down the Mississippi. A celebration of Southern food and the Afro-American music born out of melancholia and despair in the Deep South, this series tells a fascinating story.

Romancing the Stone

Romancing the Stone logoSeries which reveals how sculpture communicates our most cherished beliefs and values - the British soul captured in three dimensions
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