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TV 2

TV 2 logoNo Description

9 av 10 Nordmenn

9 av 10 Nordmenn logoNo Description

Broom Live

Broom Live logoNo Description

Comedy Aid

Comedy Aid logoNo Description

Comedy Fight Club

Comedy Fight Club logoNo Description

De 7 Dødssyndene

De 7 Dødssyndene logoKristopher Schau gets accompanied by Morten St. Nilsen and Stein Karlsen to document him breaking all of Gods 7 deadly sins. Wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony.

Hvor fanden er Herning?

Hvor fanden er Herning? logoMartin is the King of Herning. He is marrying the most successful underwear family in Jutland. But 2 days before his wedding, he wakes up in a pornstore in Copenhagen the day after his polterabend without money, friends or mobile phone to be found. And needs to get home...

Operation X

Operation X logoNo Description

The Amazing Race Norge

The Amazing Race Norge logoThe Amazing Race Norway is modeled after the US Series, with a group of people traveling all over the world in teams of two, aiming to win a cash price at the end.
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