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This is Daniel Cook

This is Daniel Cook logo"This is Daniel Cook" is a children's television series that follows its host - six year old Daniel Cook - as he discovers the world from his perspective. In this original, spontaneous and on-location show, Daniel explores, learns and creates with everyone from chocolatiers to magicians, firefighters to pilots.

This is Emily Yeung

This is Emily Yeung logoThis is Emily Yeung is a live action preschool series featuring, Emily a dynamic, six year old host, who leads children and adults alike through a new era of discovery utilizing her unique perspective. In this original and refreshingly spontaneous show, Emily plays, learns, shares, and socializes with everyone from farmers to fireworks experts, to prima ballerina's and balloon artists. Each episode introduces a new experience related to what children are interested in. A special guest accompanies Emily and facilitates learning in a risk-free, exciting environment. Whether learning about sushi, snowboarding or the space shuttle each episode looks at the world through Emily's eyes allowing children to connect with this age-appropriate role model who is essentially just like them. Using this ...
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