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The Adam Carolla Project

The Adam Carolla Project logoIn addition to his great comedic skills, Adam Carolla is also a registered contractor and skilled carpenter. Watch as Adam purchases a run-down fixer-upper in Los Angeles and recruits his friends and family to assist him in the monstrous renovation project.

The Little Couple

The Little Couple logoPicking up where the special "Little People: Just Married" left off, this series follows newlyweds Bill Klein, a successful businessman, and Jen Arnold, a pediatrician, as they embark on their life together. Both under four feet tall, they face not only the struggles of two little people in a world built for folks of average size, but they also move to a new city, buy a home and think about starting a family.

The Lottery Changed My Life

The Lottery Changed My Life logoStories from the winners of lotteries, usually seen from the "underclass" to the lottery millionaires.

Toddlers & Tiaras

Toddlers & Tiaras logoShowcases the competitive world of pageants for children and gives viewers a glimpse of what a stage mom really is, and the pressures children face all in the name of beauty and trophies.
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ToddWorld logoWelcome to the Toddworld guide at TV Tome. ToddWorld is a place where a kid can dance with a porcupine, buy ice cream from a hippo, or eat macaroni and cheese in the bathtub. It's a world where human beings, animals, and even the occasional alien from outer space can not only live together and play together, but talk to each other too. It's a world of bright colors, bold lines, and whimsical detail. ToddWorld looks and feels like the world children create and share when they engage in spontaneous imaginative play together. ToddWorld is wish fulfillment for preschool viewers. Toddworld is based on the artwork of Todd Parr. The theme song "It's a Colorful World" is sung by Smokey Robinson. Characters: Hi, My name is Todd! I like to draw on my drawing pad. I love to eat macaroni and cheese i...

Trauma: Life in the E.R.

Trauma: Life in the E.R. logoTrauma: Life in the E.R. explores what life is like in an emergency room. Viewers travel to different ERs located throughout the United States to learn the excitement and thrill, trials and tribulations associated with emergency medicine. The program gives insight into how doctors, nurses and patients all interact in the emergency setting and shows what scenarios may be peculiar to specific ERs. Viewers also have the opportunity to travel with emergency medical workers in the field to see the special and often life-threatening situations they face.

Ultimate Cake Off

Ultimate Cake Off logoEach week, three cake artists will go head-to-head in the ultimate cake competition. They'll have only nine hours to construct a cake over five feet tall and weighing hundreds of pounds. Host Michael Schulson and Judges Leigh Grode and Margaret Braun will weigh in with tough critiques, and in the end one cake will be chosen as the winner and named the ultimate cake!

Undercover Boss: Abroad

Undercover Boss: Abroad logoEach week, a different executive will leave the comfort oftheir corner office for an undercover mission to examine the inner workings of their corporation. While working alongside their employees, they willlearn about themselves, the effects their decisions have on others, where the problems lie within their organization, the perception of their company, and discover the unsung heroes of their work force.

War and Civilization

War and Civilization logoAn eight-part chronicle of armed conflict from the beginning of recorded history to modern times, exploring the political and cultural motivations for---and consequences of---warfare.

What Not to Wear

What Not to Wear logoTLC's What Not To Wear is a spin off of What Not To Wear airing on BBC America. The reality show premise is simple: friends and family members nominate a candidate that they consider poorly dressed and ask the show to make over the "fashion victim." Fashion Police Stacy London and her partner, Clinton Kelly (or Wayne Scott Lukas in the first season) ambush the candidate and make them an offer-- they are given a $5000.00 budget for a new wardrobe, which they must purchase in New York City boutiques over the course of two days, but only on the condition that they allow Stacy & Clinton/ Wayne to critique, and in most cases throw out, their existing wardrobe. For grooming tips, hairdresser Nick Arrojio and makeup artist Carmindy help refine the candidate's look.
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