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Peep and the Big Wide World

Peep and the Big Wide World logoPeep And The Big Wide World follows the adventures of a curious newborn chick, Peep, and his friends, Chirp the robin and Quack the duck. The three birds explore their world and learn about basic scientific principles. Each episode contains two 10-minute animated segments; at the end of each animated segment is a live action portion in which children conduct a simple science experiment that reinforces the idea of the show. Once the original episodes had aired on TLC, they were split in half (i.e. one 10-minute animated segment followed by a live action portion). These shorter versions of Peep are shown on TVO in Canada, a co-developer of the series.

Personal Justice

Personal Justice logoCrime solving from a first person prospective of from the victim. A different victim tells their own story each episode, of a shocking crime that went unsolved. Unable to ignore the gnawing suspicion that the answer was out there, the victim made solving the crime their personal mission.

Police Women of Broward County

Police Women of Broward County logoPolice Women of Broward County follows the lives of four women as they juggle the needs of their families with intensely demanding--and often dangerous--jobs. Each hour-long episode is packed with adrenaline, bringing viewers along for the ride as these women risk their lives to keep the streets safe. But danger is only part of the job--off-duty, the Police Women of Broward County are mothers, sisters and wives who maintain homes and raise families. Each day is a delicate balance between their personal lives and a career that comes with real risks.

Police Women of Cincinnati

Police Women of Cincinnati logoThe latest installment of the hit Police Women franchise moves to Cincinnati, Ohio — the Queen City. These fearless female officers will encounter intense cop drama and action, all while balancing kids, significant others, and life at home.
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Police Women of Dallas

Police Women of Dallas logoPolice Women of Dallas is the fourth installment of TLC's Police Women reality documentary series, which follows three police officers and a detective of the Dallas Police Department in Dallas, Texas.

Police Women of Maricopa County

Police Women of Maricopa County logoPolice Women of Maricopa County is the second of TLC's Police Women documentary television series, which follows four female members of the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office in Maricopa County, Arizona. The series features four women: Detective Deborah Moyer, Detective Lindsey Smith, Deputy Kelly Bocardo and Deputy Amie Duong; and follows the women at their jobs as law enforcement officials and at home with their families. Police Women of Maricopa County aired 10 episodes.

Property Ladder

Property Ladder logoProperty Ladder is the name of a television show that airs in the United Kingdom, United States, New Zealand and Australia where first-time property or real-estate developers purchase houses (usually in need of repair), renovate them, and attempt to sell them (or flip) for a profit. Their efforts (and frustrations) are the featured bit of the show. An expert property developer steps in to provide advice.

Quints by Surprise

Quints by Surprise logoEthan and Casey Jones met in the seventh grade, married after college, and around their 10-year anniversary decided to give their six-year-old daughter Eliot a baby sister or brother. Instead, the couple welcomed quints: Brooklyn, Ryan, Jack, Britton, and Lila. Watch the Joneses as they navigate the obstacles and the joys of raising a family when everything is multiplied by five. The family returns to TLC to reveal all-new experiences and adventures as their quintuplets enter their toddler years.

Randy to the Rescue

Randy to the Rescue logoIn TLC's new series, Randy to the Rescue, wedding guru Randy Fenoli makes over brides across the U.S. from head to hem. Watch a sneak peek, with exclusive content from the Producer, the stylists and Randy himself.

Sarah Palin's Alaska

Sarah Palin's Alaska logo"Sarah Palin's Alaska" is a documentary series about our country's most majestic and remote state...seen through the eyes of its most famous resident. This is an epic journey through the REAL Alaska. Over the course of the series, Sarah will travel from the tundra to the mountain peaks of this great state meeting both the extraordinary as well as "just plain folks," like her and her husband, Todd.
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