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Fabulous Cakes

Fabulous Cakes logoFabulous Cakes looks behind the scenes at the production of special order cakes by top bakeries.

Family S.O.S. with Jo Frost

Family S.O.S. with Jo Frost logoWhether torn apart by marital strife or turbulent teens, America’s favorite nanny, Jo Frost, lends her expertise for broken homes that are otherwise hopeless. With her help, the most troubled families in America will learn to put the pieces back together.

Flip That House

Flip That House logoThis half-hour reality series brings the viewer into the latest trend in "buy-sell" house renovation known as "house flipping." Each episode will follow the transformation of a different house, each with its own "flipper/host" familiar with home renovation and real estate.

Floyd on food

Floyd on food logoThe extravagant and flamboyant chef travels the length and breath of England in search of a decent hangover cure.
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Great Books

Great Books logoThis documentary series examines famous fiction and non fiction books. With each episode, a book's content is explored as well as the times in which the work was written. Furthermore, the nature of the book's significance is explored as well as its impact.

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo logoHere Comes Honey Boo Boo follows Alana Thompson, the outspoken 6-year-old beauty queen from TLC's Toddlers & Tiaras. Viewers can take an inside look at the family home in rural Georgia, where the Thompson clan indulges in their favorite pastimes, such as free-wheeling through mud pits and picking up road kill for grilling.

Hoarding: Buried Alive

Hoarding: Buried Alive logoHoarding goes inside the homes of extreme hoarders to explore the psychology behind their compulsion to accumulate & store large quantities of nonessential things. Each episode tells the stories of hoarders struggling with behavior that has made every day existence unbearable for both them and their loved ones. With the help of expert therapists & organizers, the hoarders will attempt to unlock the key to their obsessions in hope of reclaiming their lives.

Homemade Millionaire

Homemade Millionaire logoHomemade Millionaire follows the competitive journey of three women vying to win a life changing deal with HSN. Kelly Ripa is sent tons of products every day from aspiring female entrepreneurs — all hoping to become the next million-dollar success story. Each week, find out who will land a lucrative deal with mega multi-media retailer HSN.

Human Sexes

Human Sexes logoExplore the human sexes and how we interact with each other. From issues such as monogamy, emotional equality, and love, take a detailed look at the human persona as never seen before.

I Found the Gown

I Found the Gown logoTLC is home to the most popular wedding programming on TV, and the network is adding I FOUND THE GOWN to its Friday night lineup. I FOUND THE GOWN is a new series that promises to deliver dream dresses to brides-to-be in search of bottom-bargain prices. VOWS, a designer bridal outlet in Boston, has become the ultimate dress destination for the bargain-hunting bride. Owners Leslie and Rick DeAngelo dig through factory attics, boutique back rooms and department store warehouses in an effort to provide these designer dresses for less. The series follows Leslie and Rick on their expeditions and back at the shop as they share their found treasures with three excited brides per episode. From the producers of the hit franchise SAY YES TO THE DRESS, Half Yard Productions, this 8-episode half-hour ...
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