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Lost Worlds, Vanished Lives

Lost Worlds, Vanished Lives logoDavid Attenborough's comprehensive study of fossils, which give many clues to how life existed on pre-historic Earth

Madhur Jaffrey's Flavours of India

Madhur Jaffrey's Flavours of India logoIn Flavours of India, Madhur Jaffrey celebrates the many regional dishes of India with their subtle and tantalizing flavours and aromas. In a gastronomic tour that takes her from Kerala—through Gujarat, Goa, West Bengal and Tamil Nadu—to the Punjab, the best-selling author of Indian Cookery investigates the culinary heritage of each different region and describes the influences that have shaped it. She meets the people who have inherited these traditions and, with their help, guides us through a selection of dishes that range from appetizers to relishes and desserts.


Magic logoThis show will trace the development of entertainment magic throughout the world, from its earliest roots in religious ritual and tribal shamanism to today's international stars of stage and screen. Gives a definitive guide to the history of performance magic from Ancient Egypt to 21st century Las Vegas, and why it has played such an important role in our social and cultural history.

Massive Nature

Massive Nature logoAn epic run of nature documentaries charting the behaviour of large groups of animals and their predators.


Messiah logoCritically acclaimed Ken Stott (The Vice, The Singing Detective) stars as Detective Chief Inspector Red Metcalfe, a brilliant detective who once turned in his own brother for murder. Ten years later, Red has earned a reputation for his impressive ability to get into the minds of killers, but two disturbing murders on the same day spark the most baffling and damaging case of his career. Both killings bear the murderer's trademark–as do the grisly deaths that follow–the victim's tongue is cut out and a silver spoon is inserted in their mouth. As the killings mount up, Red is taunted by the fact that he can find no motive, no pattern–nothing to connect the victims apart from the killer's grisly trademark.

Mind, Body & Kick Ass Moves

Mind, Body & Kick Ass Moves logoFollow Chris Crudelli's journey around the Far East as he learns from the masters.

Miss Marple

Miss Marple logoMiss Marple is an amateur detective created by famed mystery writer Agatha Christie. Marple, an elderly spinster, is always able to solve crimes that the professionals cannot, because of her keen eye and her experience with all the foibles of human nature through the years in her home town of St. Mary Mead in England. These 12 BBC productions are adaptations of the 12 novels Christie wrote about Miss Marple, originally published between 1930 and 1976.

Monarchy - The Royal Family at Work

Monarchy - The Royal Family at Work logoA fascinating insight into the life and work of the Queen and Royal Family over the course of a year. Discover how the Royal Family fulfils its duties at home and abroad.

Murder Rooms

Murder Rooms logoIf Arthur Conan Doyle based Sherlock Holmes on a real person to any degree, it was on his former professor, forensic pathologist Dr. Joseph Bell. This series recounts the fictional murder investigations that Bell might have undertaken with the assistance of young student Doyle.

Nigella's Christmas Kitchen

Nigella's Christmas Kitchen logoNigella is back in her kitchen at a time when the nights are drawing in and most of us are up for a bit of extended kitchen work. Christmas is after all the last bastion of traditional cooking, it’s a time when we are more than prepared to spend whole days stirring, stuffing and marinating and the reward is a legitimate excuse to have a glass of wine at lunchtime! As always Nigella’s mantra is that cooking should be fun, if it becomes stressful then you’re not doing it right. In addition to the content of this three part series will be an element of travel, to provide some inspiration for the recipes Nigella cooks. A trip to a Salzburg Christmas market is the inspiration for Cinnamon biscuits, Christmas Stollen and a brandy infused Hot Chocolate.
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