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I, Caesar

I, Caesar logoJulius Caesar: the father (100-44 BC)This guy’s the most famous Roman of them all. He conquered Gaul, he became the subject of a play by William Shakespeare and was famously assassinated by Brutus and his gang of conspirators on 15th March 44BC. Despite this legendary status, the debate still rages over his true nature: was he a military genius, the greatest of all Romans, or was he just a brutal tyrant and a gambler, who was done in for being overambitious?

In Search of Shakespeare

In Search of Shakespeare logoComplete four part series exploring the life of the world's greatest and most famous writer. Presenter-led, mixing travel, adventure, live action interviews and specially shot documentary and live action sequences with the RSC on the road. A history series - it focuses not on the plays, but on the history and sets the life of the poet in the extraordinary times in which he lived. We are introduced to the dark world of Queen Elizabeth's police state - a time of surveillance, militarism and foreign wars. We are reminded that Shakespeare lived through the Spanish Armada, the Gunpowder Plot, the colonisation of the New World and the beginnings of British power in America. But most importantly Shakespeare also lived through England’s Cultural Revolution: an enforced split with the old medie...

Indian Food Made Easy

Indian Food Made Easy logoChef and food writer Anjum Anand brought a lighter, fresher approach to classic Indian dishes to make them easy to prepare.

Infamous Assassinations

Infamous Assassinations logoThis brand-new and exclusive series takes a closer look at some of the world's most talked-about assassinations and near misses. Always a fascinating and macabre subject, assassinations can damage a nation's confidence, create wars and shock the world. Throughout this series some of the 20th century's most outrageous attempts can, thanks to rare archive footage and reconstructions, be seen first hand and viewers are brought closer to the events than ever before. From the assassinations of John F Kennedy and Mahatma Ghandi, to attacks on royalty, politicians and media celebrities, this series uncovers the real reasons behind these events and how they unfolded.
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Jackanory Junior

Jackanory Junior logoThe reading of a children's story

Jane Eyre (1983)

Jane Eyre (1983) logoAfter living a miserable life with her aunt, orphaned Jane Eyre is sent to Lowood, a residential school for children of limited means. Jane takes the advice of her friend and over many years takes her studies seriously, eventually advertising for a position as a governess. She obtains a position in the home of Edward Rochester, where his ward, Adele, has recently come to live. She soon realizes that there is something odd in the house and she regularly sees shadowy figures in windows or hears voices. No one will admit to their being anyone else in the house, however. As she and her new employers develop a deep affection for one another, the secret of the Rochester household threatens to keep them apart.


Jungle logoImagine being transported to a place where the humidity is above 90%, where there are more diseases than anywhere on Earth, and where every breath draws in a cloud of insects. Zoologist Charlotte Uhlenbroek takes up the challenge to explore the world's rainforests in a stunning new three-part series, Jungle

Kill it, Cook it, Eat it

Kill it, Cook it, Eat it logoA series which follows the journey of young farm animals from the pasture to the plate. In a specially constructed restaurant cum studio built around a working abattoir, guests watch as the animals are brought in for killing. The animals are then cooked and eaten in the studio by the audience, who offer their views on and attitudes towards the process. In each programme, the journey of one animal will be traced from its life on the farm to its fate at a small working abattoir. At the abattoir, a group of specially invited people, from vegetarians to meat enthusiasts, will witness the slaughter. They'll also see how the carcass is prepared, with a butcher breaking it down and explaining the different cuts of meat. A chef will then use the meat to prepare a meal and the audience will ...

Land of the Eagle

Land of the Eagle logoThe first television series to attempt a comprehensive account of our continent's wildlife and wild places. "Land of the Eagle" turns the clock back to reveal North America as it used to be, hundreds of years ago, a story told by the people who lived on it, charted it and shaped it -- the Native Americans and the European explorers and settlers. This eight-part series will explore the great diversity of the continent, revealing the bonds between human history and natural history as it travels from sea to shining sea. Along the way, it will pass through the rugged Canadian wilderness, the swampy Everglades, the sweeping Great Plains, the majestic Rockies, the sweltering deserts, and Alaska -- the first and last frontier.

Little Red Tractor

Little Red Tractor logoThe main characters series are: * Little Red Tractor - a small, old but reliable farm tractor, mute but capable of expressing emotions. Stan restored him to his as new condition. * Stan - Little Red Tractor's driver and constant companion. Stan lives at Gosling Farm, and keeps 2 cows Daisy and Veronica, and 2 pigs. * Patch - Stan's Dog * Big Blue - a large, up-to-date farm tractor. Has no anthropomorphic traits. * Harvey - Harvester owned by Mr Jones but sometimes borrowed by Stan. * Mr Jones - Stan's neighbor and owner of Big Blue. He often appears selfish, materialistic or otherwise antisocial, but tends to be socially inept or smug rather than actually unpleasant. His full name is Mr Jasper Jones and he lives at Beech Farm. * Thomas - Mr Jones nephew w...
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