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Hottest Place on Earth

Hottest Place on Earth logoA team of experts and explorers venture into the Danakil desert in Northern Ethiopia to investigate the incredible geology of the area, and to find out how the people and their animals survive in the hottest place on earth.

House of Saddam

House of Saddam logoThe intimate world of Saddam Hussein and his closest inner circle is revealed in House Of Saddam – a gripping four-part drama for BBC Two that charts the rise and fall of one of the most significant political figures in recent history. House Of Saddam offers a fresh perspective on the dictator, his relationships and his actions behind closed doors, by retelling events from inside the very heart of the regime. Beginning in 1979 when Saddam became president of Iraq, it follows the impact of his political ambitions on his oldest advisors, closest friends, family members – and on Saddam himself. Within the walls of his opulent presidential palace respect is interwoven with fear as Saddam exerts control over his allies, his country and its people. As he continues to reign for almost 25 ...

How Art Made the World

How Art Made the World logoAs part of BBC’s agenda to generate public awareness about art history's relevance to contemporary culture, the documentary series How Art Made the World is a landmark. Host Dr. Nigel Spivey, a Classical Archaeology professor from Cambridge, asserts, over five episodes, that not only have cultures thrived according to their abilities to communicate visually, but also that, though art, we can historically trace human needs and desires because our minds drive us to create images. Questioning how and why art influences society, Spivey employs art criticism, archaeology, political theory, and anthropology in order to posit theories in each hour-long segment.

How To Build A Human

How To Build A Human logoThe ability to genetically engineer human beings will change the human race forever. The secrets of DNA, the genetic code for life, are now being unravelled. Scientists are learning to manipulate it to create new parts of the human body and even new human beings. This film has access to the creation of the first cloned human embryo, and the people behind it. It also gives us an insight into a future where we will be able to bump into a younger version of ourselves in the street; replace any damaged organ with a new one containing 99% of our own DNA; and nurture our offspring in artificial wombs.

Human Instinct

Human Instinct logoRobert Winston investigates the invisible forces that drive our desires and why winning feels so good and losing feels so bad. The answers lie deep within every single one of us and define what it is to be human.

Human Senses

Human Senses logoBBC Human Senses in three episodes, is a BBC Natural History Unit production documentary about "Human Senses".

Human, All Too Human

Human, All Too Human logoFrom its roots in the 19th century to its full flowering in the 20th, existentialism has made a profound impression on the course of modern history. This powerful three-part series profiles the lives and critically examines the contributions of proto-existentialist Friedrich Nietzsche; Martin Heidegger; and Jean-Paul Sartre, under whom it ripened to its fullest expression. 3-part series, 50 minutes each.

Hunting Chris Ryan

Hunting Chris Ryan logoGulf War veteran SAS trooper Chris Ryan is pushed to his limits as he is hunted down by a crack force of former Special Forces soldiers in the most extreme environments on Earth. After parachuting into hostile wildernesses, including Siberia, Botswana and Honduras, Ryan has a matter of minutes to escape before the Hunter Force is unleashed. Hounded by helicopters and heatseeking devices, Ryan has to use every trick he learned as a soldier to evade capture and cover his tracks in a game with no rules.


Hyperspace logoJoin Sam Neill on an awe-inspiring virtual journey as he explores the wonders and terrors of the universe. Experience the beautiful, astonishing and often dangerous phenomena of the universe as state-of-the-art computer graphics take you from the vast clouds where stars are born to the edge of a planet-guzzling black hole.

I Own Britain's Best Home

I Own Britain's Best Home logoA series in which the owners of some of the most beautiful properties in the country compete for the right to say they own Britain's Best Home.
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