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British Broadcasting Corporation

Emma (1972)

Emma (1972) logoThis BBC production, set in the small town of Highbury depicts the often hilarious attempts of Miss Emma Woodhouse to make proper marital matches for all of her friends. Though often mistaken in her judgement, she is counseled and criticised by her neighbor and brother-in-law, the wise Mr. Knightley whose attentions to her are motivated by more than brotherly love.

Europe: A Natural History

Europe: A Natural History logoA stunning four-part series, charting the dramatic events which have shaped the ever-changing landscapes and wildlife of Europe.

Extreme Machines

Extreme Machines logoIf it's fast and dangerous then Jeremy Clarkson has included it in this programme of balloons, helicopters, fighter planes, jet boats and more.

Floyd on France

Floyd on France logoTop chef and classic British drunkard Keith Floyd takes a seven part journey round France and its cuisine.
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Formula 1

Formula 1 logoFormula One, abbreviated to F1 is the highest class of open wheeled auto racing defined by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), motorsport world's governing body. The "formula" in the name refers to a set of rules to which all participants and cars must conform. The F1 world championship season consists of a series of races, known as Grands Prix, held usually on purpose-built circuits, and in a few cases on closed city streets, the most famous of which is the Monaco Grand Prix in Monte Carlo. The results of each race are combined to determine two annual World Championships, one for drivers and one for constructors.

Full Circle with Michael Palin

Full Circle with Michael Palin logoMichael Palin's journey through all the countries bordering the Pacific Ocean was anything but 'pacific' as blizzards, Bogotá's Bullet Street and Alaskan abandonment pushed him and the crew to the limit. But there was time for adventure including crawling through the Viet Cong's Cu Chi tunnels, sharing a feast with headhunters in Borneo and helicoptering into New Zealand's Tasman glacier.

Future Fantastic

Future Fantastic logoGillian Anderson hosts this BBC Video series which examines the true potential of cryogenics, genetic engineering and virtual reality, and considers the scientific reality of the colonization of Mars and the existence of Extra Terrestrial Intelligence.

Growing Up in the Universe

Growing Up in the Universe logoOxford professor Richard Dawkins presents a series of lectures on life, the universe, and our place in it. With brilliance and clarity, Dawkins unravels an educational gem that will mesmerize young and old alike. Illuminating demonstrations, wildlife, virtual reality, and special guests (including Douglas Adams) all combine to make this collection a timeless classic.

Gunpowder, Treason and Plot

Gunpowder, Treason and Plot logoGunpowder, Treason & Plot was a 2004 BBC miniseries loosely based upon the lives of Mary, Queen of Scots, and her son James I of England. The writer Jimmy McGovern tells the story behind the Gunpowder Plot in two parts, each centred on one of the monarchs.

Heroes Unmasked

Heroes Unmasked logoHeroes unmasked is a 10-minute behind the scenes look at the making of Heroes. There is one Heroes Unmasked episode for every episode of Heroes.
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