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The Private Life of Plants

The Private Life of Plants logoWithout plants, there would be no food, no animals of any sort, no life on earth at all. Yet for most of the time their lives remain a secret to us, hidden, private events.The reason is merely a difference of time. Plants live on a different time-scale from ours. Though not obviously to the naked eye, they are constantly on the move: developing, fighting, avoiding or exploiting predators or neighbours, struggling to find food, to increase their territories, to reproduce themselves, to find and hold a place in the sun. We only need to learn to look.

The Real Heroes of Telemark

The Real Heroes of Telemark logoThis series was conceived as a way of setting the record straight after the content of the 1965 film "The Heroes of Telemark" had failed to give the public a true picture of what had actually happened in the British-sponsored, Norwegian-executed raids to destroy or disrupt the German effort to produce heavy water in occupied Norway for the Nazi atomic-weapons programme. It was intended that this series ought to dispel the war-comic sensationalism surrounding the raids and give to the viewing public the real story, which is far more harrowing than the partly-fictionalised events depicted in the 1965 film.

The Return of the Borrowers

The Return of the Borrowers logoThe borrowers leave there new home and find a model village just the right size for them. They find George but the village's owner also finds out about the borrowers.

The Secret Life of Elephants

The Secret Life of Elephants logoFirst in a series of three programmes revealing the emotional and dramatic lives of elephants in Kenya's Samburu reserve. As the day begins, there is great excitement in one elephant family when a new baby, named Breeze, is born. But her first few weeks look set to be the most dangerous of her life. Meanwhile, elephant experts Iain and Saba Douglas-Hamilton face the huge challenge of fitting a radio collar to a three-tonne female elephant with an entire herd looking out for her. Breeze faces her first big test, crossing a river, and the research team investigate when one of their best-known bull elephants is found dead in suspicious circumstances. Back in the reserve, a young calf becomes injured and cannot keep up with his herd. His mother sticks with him, but will he survive without th...

The Secret War

The Secret War logoThe series traces the moves and countermoves between British and German scientists on land, sea and in the air.

The Story Of 1

The Story Of 1 logoThe story of the number 1 is the story of Western civilisation. Terry Jones, of Monty Python fame, goes on a humour-filled journey to discover just what an amazing tale lies behind the simplest number we have. Using Pythonesque computer graphics, 1 is brought to life in all its various guises. The first number 1 dates from 20,000 years ago. Then 6000 years ago the Sumerians turned 1 into a cone-shaped and written symbol that made arithmetic - and trade - possible. 1000 years later in Egypt, 1 million was used for the first time, and formal 'measurement' was invented as Egyptians created their own definition of 1 - the Cubit. In Ancient Greece, Pythagoras and Archimedes worked with 1 intensively, becoming two of history's most important mathematicians. But after they died, the Romans - ...

The Story of India

The Story of India logoFor over two millennia, India has been at the centre of world history. But how did India come to be? What is India? These are the big questions behind this intrepid journey around the contemporary subcontinent. In this landmark series, historian and acclaimed writer Michael Wood embarks on a dazzling and exciting expedition through today's India, looking to the present for clues to her past, and to the past for clues to her future. The journey takes the viewer through majestic landscapes and reveals some of the greatest monuments and artistic treasures on Earth. From Buddhism to Bollywood, from mathematics to outsourcing, Michael Wood discovers India's impact on history - and on us.

The Tribal Eye

The Tribal Eye logoNo Description

The Truth About Food

The Truth About Food logoWant to know what food really does to your body? Forget the headlines, watch our intriguing investigations with 500 volunteers as we expose the real science behind the food we eat.

The Truth About Killer Dinosaurs

The Truth About Killer Dinosaurs logoA two-part BBC documentary, presented by Bill Oddie, in which a group of scientists test out the strength of dinosaur weaponry using biomechanics. The first episode determines the winner of a battle between Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops, and second compares the strength of an ankylosaur and Velociraptor.
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