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Scream Awards

Scream Awards logoThe first awards show for all the stars of horror, comic books, sci-fi and fantasy movies.

Spike Guys Choice Awards

Spike Guys Choice Awards logoThe Spike Guys' Choice Awards is an awards show produced by the Viacom cable channel Spike and held since 2007. It is patterned after Viacom's MTV Movie Awards. The winners are chosen based on voting by fans and viewers of the channel. The trophy for the award is a golden pair of antlers on a wooden pedestal, which is to symbolize the stag which is often associated with masculinity.

SPIKE Specials

SPIKE Specials logoYour source for all Spike special programming -- including all original, comedy and animated shows!

spike video game awards

spike video game awards logoThe Spike Video Game Awards (VGA) is an award show hosted by Spike TV that recognizes the best computer and video games of the year. Beginning in 2003, the Spike TV Video Game Awards garnered much attention, since video game awards were not common prior to its introduction.The VGAs feature live music performances and appearances by popular performers in music, movies, and television. Additionally, preview trailers for upcoming games are highlighted.
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Stripperella logoFrom Stan Lee, the man who brought us such popular superheroes as Spider-Man and The X-Men, comes this new kind of superhero in the form of the animated series "Stripperella". Pamela Anderson provides the voice of Erotica Jones who is stripper by night and superhero Stripperella by even later at night. A show with something for everyone, Stan Lee promises that despite it's adult setting 'Stripperella' is "really a family show...but for a highly sophisticated family." The stories are a little bizarre but considering the talent involved there is no doubt that it's entertaining. Also working behind the scenes is director Kevin Altieri, known for his work on the highly acclaimed 'Batman: The Animated Series', and writers Kevin Kopelow & Heath Seifert (a huge jump from being writers for Nick...

Sunday Night Heat

Sunday Night Heat logoNo Description

Surviving Disaster

Surviving Disaster logoSurviving Disaster is unlike any other series on television, as it may actually save a life. What's the best way to survive an earthquake, home invasions, plane hijacking, bioterrorism, hurricane, or even a nuclear attack? Navy SEAL Cade Courtley vividly takes viewers through catastrophic scenarios and arms them with the knowledge needed to survive the unthinkable.

Tattoo Nightmares

Tattoo Nightmares logoPeople with bad tattoos seek the help of the best cover-up artists in the business.

Tattoo Rescue

Tattoo Rescue logoSpike TV has ordered "Tattoo Rescue", an hour-long pilot from the team behind ratings magnet Ink Master. The project, which joins Master as well as Tattoo Nightmares, centers on renowned tattoo expert Joey Germinario, aka “Joey Tattoo,” and his team of experts as they travel the country transforming failing tattoo studios into profitable businesses. In a reality TV-friendly twist, the New Jersey native will have to deal with a mix of belligerent owners, obstinate tattoo artists and shops with massive health code violations.

The Dudesons

The Dudesons logoThe Dudesons is a Finnish television series, which originally started in January 2001 under the Finnish name Extreme Duudsonit. A combination of extreme stunts, comedy and reality, the show has become the most wide-spread Finnish TV-series of all time. The show follows the every day life of four best friends, who have a tendency for anarchy and perilous situations.
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