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Nine Network

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The Young Doctors

The Young Doctors logoThe Young Doctors is an Australian early evening soap opera. The series was set in the fictional Albert Memorial hospital and primarily concerned with romances between younger members of the hospital staff, rather than typical medical issues and procedures. It screened on the Nine Network from Monday, 8 November 1976 until Wednesday, 30 March 1983.

Tricky Business

Tricky Business logoWarm, funny and moving, Tricky Business looks at the lengths people go to get themselves out of trouble - financial trouble, emotional trouble, growing up trouble, relationship trouble… things we all have to deal with at some time or other.


Underbelly logoThe underbelly of Australia is portrayed in this series. Season 1 is based on the gangland wars that raged in Melbourne for 10 years, revolving around the Carlton crew. Season 2 heads back to the '70's with Aussie Bob and Kiwi Terry and the Heroin business.

Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities

Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities logoAussie Bob Trimbole and Kiwi Terry Clark are an unlikely pair. One an overweight Italian-Australian who loves his food and marijuana crops; the other a charming young New Zealander, in love with money, power and the allure of beautiful women. But at their first meeting in 1976, Trimbole and Clark click. Together, they mastermind the large-scale importation and distribution of heroin into Australia. The easy success of their plan results in the underworld becoming awash with drug money, and a shift in the nature of organised crime in Australia. Old style crims, such as standover boys Les and Brian Kane in Melbourne, and illegal casino operator George Freeman in Sydney, find their criminal livelihoods suddenly overwhelmed by heroin. For Trimbole and Clark, the success of their 'Organis...
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Water Rats

Water Rats logoThis long-running Australian police series looks the activities of the Sydney Water Police. Whether pulling dead bodies from the harbour, investigating robberies on the wharves or providing security around the Opera House, they are a group of dedicated professionals. Colin Friels, Catherine McClements, Steve Bisley and Aaron Pedersen lead an ensemble cast, while practically every Australian actor or actress guest stars at some point.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (Australia)

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (Australia) logoContestants play to win one million dollars. Contestants register each week via phone then are randomly selected to appear as part of ten people that play fastest finger first. The next contestant is chosen via fastest finger first. It is the person who answers the question correctly the quickest correctly. Then the contestant is in the hot seat and ready to play for one million dollars. Each contestant has three lifelines; Phone a Friend, 50:50 and ask the audience. There are 15 questions on the way to one million dollars. Theres two safe levels which are $1000 and $32000. No one has won the million dollars yet in Australia even though over a dozen people have got to the million dollar question and many of them were right.
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