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Nine Network

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Mirror Mirror 2

Mirror Mirror 2 logoWelcome to the Mirror Mirror 2 guide at TV Tome. In second series of Mirror Mirror the mirror moves into the lives of two new families - De Lutrelles and McFarlanes. They both live in the same house, but 130 years apart in time. De Lutrelle's: father Gervaise, mother Violette and daughter Constance. In their age, around the house were goldfields. Family emigrated from France with the remnants of their wealth, and hoping to find gold so they would restore their fortunes. McFarlan's: father Doug, mother Jenny who decided to get in a new business: eco-tourism. Guests will stay with Doug and his family - second wife Jenny, stepson Fergus, daughter Mandy, and sister-in-law Lily, who maked troubles wherever she goes! Doug has also another son, Daniel. When the series begins, Daniel decides he...

Money for Jam

Money for Jam logoMoney for Jam is an Australian lifestyle television series which airs on the Nine Network. The series premiered on 2 September 2009 at 8:00 pm, and will originally consist of eight episodes. It features Money magazine editor Effie Zahos and financial expert Paul Clitheroe as presenters, as well as Nine Network personalities Shelley Craft and Shane Crawford. The series' title is a reference to the colloquialism "money for jam", which is used to imply that 'money can be made easily'.

Murder Call

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Our Place

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Outriders logoWelcome to the Outriders guide at TV Tome. The story tells of a group of kids who, all for their own reasons, can't fit into society. Staying at the Outriders, under the leadership of Tori. The group have some adventures, particularly with their horses but in the end usually come out on top.


RBT logoFollow the police units for a unique, behind-the-scenes look at RBT patrols testing for alcohol and drug-affected drivers.

Rescue Special Ops

Rescue Special Ops logoDean and Chase Gallagher are brothers. Competitive alpha males, they argue over everything, agree on nothing, but defend each other from outsiders no matter what. They're also members of the Special Operations Rescue Unit. Experienced paramedics in peak physical condition, they're called in for complex search and rescue operations. With the latest in tools and training, they can access anyone, anywhere, under any conditions.


RPA logoFilmed at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, showing the everyday workings of this major hospital in Sydney, Australia. Premiering in 1995, the program is based on the British series Jimmy's which was filmed at St James's University Hospital in Leeds.

Sea Patrol

Sea Patrol logoSpotlighting the drama found aboard a patrol boat for the Australian Navy, this much-anticipated show hails from creative mind of Hal McElroy, the producer of Water Rats and Blue Heelers, and stars some of Australia's best talent in Lisa McCune (Blue Heelers), Ian Stenlake (Stingers), John Batchelor (All Saints, Stingers, Farscape) and Josh Lawson (Home And Away, Thank God You're Here). Tune in to see how this crew protects Australia's watery borders. The series cost $15 million to make, making it one of Australia's most expensive television series of all time. It was filmed between the 9th of October 2006 and the 20th of February 2007.

Send in the Dogs (AU)

Send in the Dogs (AU) logoFollow Australia's police dog units as they chase down hardened criminals and take to the front line in the war against drugs. With exclusive behind the scenes access to police raids, dog training and life at home. This series will reveal the amazing relationship between these canine detectives and their handlers.
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