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Bob Hope Presents The Chrysler Theatre

Bob Hope Presents The Chrysler Theatre logoThis anthology series was a mixed bag of drama, variety and event specials, involving Bob Hope as either host or starring in several of episodes. This series received several Emmy awards. One of the most memorable shows was Bob Hope's Christmas Show filmed before an audience of G.I.'s in Vietnam and carried as a 90-minute special telecast in January.


Bonanza logoSet in Nevada, in the 1860s, Bonanza chronicled the adventures of the Cartwright family who owned a large ranch - The Ponderosa. Broadcast History September 1959 - September 1961 Saturday 7:30-8:30pm September 1961 - September 1972 Sunday 9:00-10:00pm May 1972 - August 1972 Tuesday 7:30-8:30pm September 1972 - January 1973 Tuesday 8:00-9:00pm


Boomtown logo"The victims, the cops, the press and the politicans...each has their own perspective" Boomtown depicts crime in Los Angeles from the very different perspectives of the four groups most intimately involved in the pursuit of justice -- the police, the citizens, the politicians, and the media -- and artfully illustrates how they interconnect. Boomtown features Joel Stevens (Donnie Wahlberg, Band of Brothers) as an emotionally drained, dedicated detective; "Fearless" Bobby Smith (Mykelti Williamson, Forrest Gump) as Stevens' easy-going, daredevil partner; David McNorris (Neal McDonough, Minority Report) as a politically savvy and ambitious Deputy D.A.; Ray Hechler (Gary Basaraba, (Brooklyn South) as a veteran patrol officer, Tom Turcotte and (Jason Gedrick, (The Last Don) as a beat cop strugg...

Born Free

Born Free logoNo Description
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Brand New Life

Brand New Life logoNo Description

Breakthrough with Tony Robbins

Breakthrough with Tony Robbins logoSelf-help guru Tony Robbins is coming to NBC. This reality series is set to be a transformational-style program in the tradition of The Biggest Loser .

Bret Maverick

Bret Maverick logoNo Description

Brotherly Love

Brotherly Love logoJoe Roman has come by his self-reliance naturally. His parents divorced when he was little, and his dad”a race car driver”remarried and focused primarily on his new family with his young wife Claire. Joe spent his childhood on the move with his mother, venturing out on his own when he was just 15. A year after his father's fatal accident, Joe returns to Philadelphia to collect his share of his Dad's estate, a car customizing business. His reunion with Claire and his half brothers is a little rocky. Despite her best efforts, Claire is struggling to keep the business afloat. Fifteen-year-old Matt, tormented by a number of teen crises both real and imagined, harbors a lot of resentment toward Joe. And Andy, a wildly imaginative seven-year-old, can't quite hide his need for a father figur...

Brothers and Sisters

Brothers and Sisters logoIn this short-lived TV ripoff of ANIMAL HOUSE, three fun-loving misfits (Zipper, Checko & Ronald) inhabit the basement of the preppie Pi Nu fraternity house on the Crandall College campus, run by unctuous Dean Crandall. Zipper, Checko & Ronald don't spend much time going to class, preferring instead to hang out, torment the more straight-laced members of Pi Nu and chase the beautiful, stuck-up girls of the Gamma Iota sorority.

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century logoIn the year 1987, Air Force captain William "Buck" Rogers tests the Ranger 3 spacecraft. His flight was to last only 5 months, but a meteor storm damages his life-support systems, freezing him solid, and casts Ranger 3 into an orbit which returns it to Earth--over 500 years later. Soon after Buck departs, Earth is devastated by a nuclear war caused by a renegade group of U.S. military officers. In 2491, Buck, who has survived due to the freezing, is revived and tries to adjust to life on 25th-century post-nuclear Earth. In the second season, Buck joins the crew of the Searcher, a starship dispatched to locate former Earth colonies in deep space.