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We Got It Made

We Got It Made logoWe Got it Made was a short-lived sitcom which had two lives -- once on NBC and again in syndication a few years after its original cancellation.<BR> <BR> The central focus of the show was Mickey Mackenzie, a stunningly beautiful 20s-something woman and job-seeker. She is the first applicant for a housemaid job for two Manhattan bachelors, neat-freak David Tucker and unkempt salesman Jay Bostwick. They hire her on the spot, even though she has no previous experience.<BR> <BR> Jay's girlfriend, Beth, was a kindergarten teacher, while David's girlfriend was Claudia. Stefanie Kramer, who played Claudia, left the show early in its run (she would be far better recognized as Dee Dee McCall on Hunter, which premiered the next year on NBC).<BR> <BR> When We Got i...

Welcome to the Family

Welcome to the Family logoParents Dan Yoder and wife Karina find out their daughter Molly is pregnant on the same day that she is graduating from high school with an acceptance to college. Across town in East L.A., Junior Hernandez, in the middle of his high school valedictorian speech, gets a text from girlfriend Molly that he’s going to be a daddy. Expectedly, Junior’s parents Miguel and Lisette are also upset, as they now have Caucasians in the family. What follows is a crash course in culture blending as Molly and Junior decide they want to get married, thus bringing together two very different families. The dads have the most difficult time reconciling while the moms take a softer approach. When the parents realize their kids are serious about making a life together, they begin to come to terms with this n...

What Happened?

What Happened? logoNo Description

Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch

Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch logoWelcome to the Wheelie And The Chopper Bunch guide at TV Tome. With the success of Speed Buggy on CBS, NBC had Wheelie & The Chopper Bunch (both Hanna-Barbera series). All the characters were vehicles, no humans. Wheelie's a 1974 red Volkswagen that only communicated with beeping horns as well as his winshield wipers. His girlfriend's name Rota Ree (a parody name of High Rollers hostess, Ruta Lee). Causing trouble was a 4 member motorcycle gang called The Chopper Bunch. They would always try to get Wheelie into traps, but would always backfire (ala Coyote-Road Runner). Chopper was the leader with Hi-Riser (a tall bike), Revs (a three-wheeled motorcycle) & Scrambles (a mini bike). Scrambles would always rub it in to Chopper saying, "I told you, I told you!" Three 6 minute epi...
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Whitney logoA hilarious look at modern love, Whitney is a new multi-camera comedy series about Whitney (Whitney Cummings, Chelsea Lately) and Alex (Chris D’Elia, Glory Daze), a happily unmarried couple. Together for five years, the duo is in no rush to get hitched. However, after attending yet another one of their friends’ weddings, Whitney realizes that she and Alex are dangerously close to relationship boredom. Determined not to let that happen, Whitney consults her close circle of opinionated girlfriends -- including Lily (Zoe Lister-Jones, The Other Guys) and Roxanne (Rhea Seehorn, The Starter Wife) -- and then snaps into action. A few awkward sexy costumes and one botched seductive evening later, the couple ends up in the emergency room. Even so, Whitney and Alex realize that while their rela...

Who's Still Standing?

Who's Still Standing? logoWho's Still Standing" is a new competitive series that is based on the hit Israeli series of the same title. This offers contestants the chance to win by out-guessing 10 opponents in 10 fast-paced and dramatic trivia battles. At the start of the game, each player stands behind a coin whose value ranges between $1.00 and $50,000. The value of the coin is hidden from the players and will not be revealed until one of them loses and drops out of the game, literally. This is by falling through the trapdoor in the studio floor on which he or she is standing. Created by Craig Plestis (Minute to Win It), Tim Puntillo (Minute to Win It), and Avi Armoza, "Who's Still Standing" is a fresh idea of a game show that puts the contestants on the edge of winning of falling out of the competition.

Will & Grace

Will & Grace logoWill & Grace are best friends. Will is a gay lawyer and Grace is a straight interior designer. They both live in New York. Grace is engaged to a real jerk, but when that relationship falls apart, she moves in with Will. This is only supposed to be until Grace finds a place of her own, but she and Will end up with each other as permanent roommates. Also in the cast are Jack, Will's flamboyant gay friend and Karen, Graces' secretary/assistant who doesn't really need to work because she married money several times.

Wind on Water

Wind on Water logoXtremely Hot. Xtremely Cold. "The big island of Hawaii. The Montana of the Pacific. Where else on Earth can you snowboard, surf and ride horses all before lunch. My father's grandfather jumped ship as a young boy and worked with the Poniola - The Hawian cowboys for the rest. My mother's family came here as missionaries at the turn of the century and never left. When they got married, they merged their family's ranches. Can you imagine growing up here? My brother and I did." - Cole Connolly (from the "Pilot" episode) When their father dies suddenly in a tragic accident, champion surfers, Cole Connolly, and his younger brother, Kelly, struggle to help their mother keep their cattle ranch from being bought out by neighbour and former friend, Gardner Poole. - Wind on Water premiered Saturda...

Winnetka Road

Winnetka Road logoWelcome to the Winnetka Road guide at TV Tome. There is no editor for this show. If you would like to be the editor look here for details.

Wonder Woman (2011)

Wonder Woman (2011) logo“Wonder Woman” is a reinvention of the iconic D.C. comic in which Wonder Woman aka Diana Prince is a vigilante crime fighter in L.A. but also a successful corporate executive and a modern woman trying to balance all of the elements of her extraordinary life.
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