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UC: Undercover

UC: Undercover logo"To catch a criminal, you have to become one..." "From the co-writer of Shaft and Armageddon comes this complex action-thriller which focuses on the secret lives and private demons of an elite Justice Department crimefighting unit that confronts the country's deadliest, most untouchable lawbreakers by going undercover to bust them. The unit is headed by authoritative Donovan (Oded Fehr) and comprised of undercover agents Jake Shaw (Jon Seda) and Alex Cross (Vera Farmiga), psychological profiler Monica Davis (Bruklin Harris) and young techno-wizard Cody (Jarrad Paul), who runs all of the high-tech surveillance operations that the team conducts. As a federal team, the group can respond to emergencies all over the country -- taking down elite bank robbers, drug kingpins, domestic terrorists, ...


Undercovers logoYears into their retirement, a husband and wife team are re-activated as CIA agents.


Underdog logoWelcome to the Underdog guide at TV Tome. There's no need to fear! Underdog is here! When criminals in this world appear And break the laws that they should fear And frighten all who see or hear The cry goes up both far and near For Underdog! Underdog! Underdog! Underdog! Speed of lightning, roar of thunder Fighting all who rob or plunder Underdog. Underdog! When in this world the headlines read Of those whose hearts are filled with greed Who rob and steal from those who need To right this wrong with blinding speed Goes Underdog! Underdog! Underdog! Underdog! Speed of lightning, roar of thunder Fighting all who rob or plunder Underdog. Underdog! ** The original airing order of the episodes is not available, but if you uncover it or have some info to add, please submit it. Than...

Up All Night

Up All Night logoLife is all about balance. So what happens when you throw a new baby into it? Reagan (Christina Applegate) and her husband, Chris (Will Arnett), are the proud new parents of baby Amy. She may have been unexpected, but life's curve balls can be a godsend, literally. Unless you have a career that needs attention, which is exactly what Reagan has. So, bucking tradition, they decide Reagan's the one going back to work while Chris is going to be the stay-at-home dad. Easy, right? Well, not quite.


V logoThey came to Earth, disguised as friends. But instead, they took our water and our people for food. But there is a Resistance... to save our people and our planet. These are the stories of this Resistance...

Van Dyke and Company

Van Dyke and Company logoShort-lived show starring Dick Van Dyke and assorted guests. The show also featured a recurring segment about the dumbest family in the world.

Victory at Sea

Victory at Sea logoA documentary TV series about naval warfare during World War II that was originally aired by NBC in the USA in 26 half-hour segments on Sunday afternoons, starting October 26, 1952 and ending May 3, 1953. The series, which won an Emmy in 1954 as best public affairs program, played a major role in establishing historic documentaries as a viable television genre. When it first aired, NBC thought it so important that it had no commercial breaks.


Voyagers! logoWe travel through time to help history along. Give it a push when it's needed. When the Omni's Red it means history's wrong. Our job is to get everything back on track. Green light kid, We did it!

Wagon Train

Wagon Train logoWelcome to the Wagon Train guide at TV Tome. Wagon Train followed the trials and tribulations of pioneering families as they set out from the East to carve out a new life in the West soon after the American Civil War. For some of the travellers it was a happy ending, but not for all, which only heightened the drama along the way. Such a structure ensured that the scriptwriters had a wide scope for their stories which , more often than not, revolved around the characters rather than the action, although the series had more than it's fair share of that too. With a new storyline nearly every week and a larger than average budget for the time, it was never difficult for the producers to attract well known guest stars in front of the cameras with some famous names behind the cameras too. Wago...

Walter and Emily

Walter and Emily logoThis Disney sitcom replaced the cancelled <em>The Torkelsons</em> on Saturday evenings during the 1991-92 season. Walter and Emily were a constantly bickering couple who moves in with their widower son Matt and grandson Zack.
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