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The Restless Gun

The Restless Gun logoVint Bonner is a wandering cowboy in the era after the American Civil War. A skilled gunfighter, Bonner is an idealistic person who prefers peaceful resolutions of conflict wherever possible. He is gregarious, intelligent, and public-spirited.

The Richard Boone Show

The Richard Boone Show logoWelcome to The Richard Boone Show guide at TV Tome. Per previous e-mail, actual spelling-Joanna Pettet.

The Rockford Files

The Rockford Files logoEmmy® winner James Garner stars as the offbeat Jim Rockford, an ex-con-turned-private-investigator who would rather fish than fight but whose instinct on closed cases is more golden than his classic Pontiac Firebird. From his mobile home in Malibu, this wisecracking private eye takes you on the cases of the lost and the dispossessed, chasing down seemingly long-dead clues in the sun-baked streets and seamy alleys of Los Angeles.

The Rogues

The Rogues logoThis was a series about a family of confidence tricksters whose main purpose was to take things from the extremely wealthy, mostly the ones who stopped at nothing in making their fortunes. The main members of the family were all cousins and included an Englishman (David Niven), a Frenchman (Charles Boyer) and an American (Gig Young). They would each generally take the lead role in an episode and occasionally the others would have small parts to add to the other's story. Assisting the lead actor each week was Robert Coote's character, the only real constant throughout the series. The music was done by Nelson Riddle who also did the music for <cite>Batman</cite>. This is only noted because many musical cues seem similar between the two series. Near the end of the series, a new Am...

The Round Table

The Round Table logoNo Description

The Rousters

The Rousters logoWelcome to The Rousters guide at TV Tome. "Tough like the steel of the wheel That turns the world around Stand your ground when you're right, when you fight Just let 'em call your bluff You've got the edge when things get rough 'Cuz you're tough enough Every day you prove it Every day you try your luck Stand or fall, it's up to you Ain't no way to pass the buck You ain't in it for money And you're just having some fun You got a name, and the name of the game Is do it 'till you get it done You got to do it 'till you get it done 'Cuz you're tough like the steel of the wheel That turns the world around Stand your ground when you're right, when you fight Just let 'em call your bluff You've got the edge when things get rough 'Cuz you're tough enough" What's in a name? Everything for Wyatt Ea...

The Roy Rogers Show

The Roy Rogers Show logoWelcome to The Roy Rogers Show guide at TV Tome. Post, the cereals you like the most, and Jello Instant Pudding, the new busy-day dessert, brings you: "The Roy Rogers Show", starring: Roy Rogers - King of the Cowboys, Trigger - his Golden Palamino, with Dale Evans - Queen of the West, Pat Brady - his comical sidekick, and Roy's wonder dog - Bullet.

The Sanford Arms

The Sanford Arms logoSanford and Son spinoff - Fred and Lamont had moved to Arizona and they sold their property to Phil Wheeler. Phil now lives in the Sanfords' old house with his two teenage children, Angie and Nat. The primary setting of the series, however, was the rooming house next door which Fred named "The Sanford Arms". Most of the recurring characters from the original series also starred in this series. Grady was now married to his girlfriend Dolly. Bubba now worked at the Sanford Arms as a bellboy and a maintenance man. Aunt Esther was left in charge helping Phil and collecting the mortgage payments. Rounding out the cast of characters was Phil's girlfriend, Jeannie.

The Secret Empire

The Secret Empire logoWelcome to The Secret Empire guide at TV Tome. The Secret Empire was a short lived show that aired in 1979. Of the 12 Episodes Produced only 8 aired. The Episodes aired at 8 pm, Thursday on NBC. It was canceled after only 8 episodes. Never given a chance, I have not had the opportunity to see this show because I was only 3 years old at the time, but it seems to me NBC was being as stupid as when the canceled Star Trek. I have inquired as to how to get a copy of the Episodes. If I do, I'll update this section to include more detail's. The Basic's are, our hero is a Marshal in the 1880's who stumbles on a Secret Empire. This Empire is called Chimera, and exisit under the town of Cheyenne. This Empire is lead by the evil Emperor Thorval (Mark Lenard). Mark Lenard, is better known as Sarek fro...
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