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The New Normal

The New Normal logoThese days, families come in all forms - single dads, double moms, sperm donors, egg donors, one-night-stand donors... It's 2012 and anything goes. Bryan and David are a Beverly Hills couple and they have it all. Well, almost. With successful careers and a committed and loving partnership, the one thing missing is a baby. And just when they think the stars will never align, enter Goldie, an extraordinary young woman with a checkered past. A Midwestern waitress and single mother looking to escape her dead-end life and small-minded grandmother, Goldie decides to change everything and move to L.A. with her precocious eight-year-old daughter. Desperate and broke - but also fertile - Goldie quickly becomes the guys' surrogate and quite possibly the girl of their dreams. Surrogate mother, surro...

The Office (US)

The Office (US) logoBased on the popular British series of the same name, this faster-paced American version follows the daily interactions of a group of idiosyncratic office employees at paper company Dunder Mifflin's Scranton branch via a documentary film crew's cameras.

The Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail logoWelcome to the BEST guide for The Oregon Trail only at TV Tome. In 1842, Evan Thorpe and his three children leave their Illinois farm and join a wagon train heading west into the Oregon Territories to make a new life for themselves. Along the way they must deal with Indian marauders, storms, con men, and more. The Oregon Trail was a US western drama series that lasted from 21 September 1977 to 26 October 1977 and was cancelled by NBC after 6 episodes - the remaining episodes were UNAIRED on NBC although all 13 aired on BBC 2 in the UK[/i]. Universal City Studios produced the series for NBC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Episodes: 13 x 60 minute colour episodes 01 x 2 hour pilot Broadcast History: 21 Septembe...

The Overland Trail

The Overland Trail logoOverland Trail was a short lived television western about the adventures of an earthy stage coach line superintendent and his young partner as they strive to keep the stage routes open and safe. William Bendix played Frederick Thomas "Fred" Kelly, the superintendent of the fictitious Overland Stage Company. Doug McClure appeared as Frank "Flip" Flippen, Kelly's associate in the business.

The Partners (1971)

The Partners (1971) logoNo Description

The Paul Reiser Show

The Paul Reiser Show logoNBC’s "The Paul Reiser Show" is a new single-camera comedy from Emmy and Golden Globe Award-nominated actor/writer/producer Paul Reiser ("Mad About You") and writer/producer Jonathan Shapiro ("Life"). The show stars Reiser as…Paul Reiser. It's been a few years since Paul's hit TV series went off the air. Since then, he's been enjoying the quiet life at home with his lovely wife, Claire (Amy Landecker, "A Serious Man"), and kids and generally minding his own business, writing and producing television but enjoying life out of the spotlight. Lately, however, Paul has been thinking that it's time he did something new, something meaningful. But what that next thing might be, he has no idea. In his quest to figure it out, Paul is both helped and hindered by his new "friends." Like...

The Philanthropist

The Philanthropist logoTeddy Rist, the billionaire playboy, loves money. He loves earning it, he loves having it, he loves spending it. One of the richest men in the world, Teddy approaches philanthropy with the same intensity that he approaches business. He wants everyone on the planet to have a good education, a solid meal and a healthy life - and he'll go to any extreme to make this happen. From blackmailing a prime minister for women's rights to dodging bullets while delivering a life-saving vaccine, Teddy Rist will take you on an exhilarating global adventure each week.

The Philco Television Playhouse

The Philco Television Playhouse logoWelcome to The Philco Television Playhouse guide at TV Tome. This live dramatic anthology series featured top name actors and actresses in original TV plays and adaptations of novels, short stories and plays. Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice (photo with Madge Evans and John Baragrey in the roles) and Sense and Sensibility were brought to the small screen. Perhaps the most elaborate production during the first season was "Cyrano de Bergerac" with Jose Ferrer and seven sets to recreate 17th century Paris. From 1951 till the show finished in 1955 Philco Television Playhouse alternated weekly with Goodyear Television Playhouse.

The Pink Panther Show

The Pink Panther Show logoThe Pink Panther Show contains the threatrical Pink Panther shorts as well as other cartoons such as 'The Inspector' and 'The Ant and the Aardvark'. This whole thing began in 1963, when Blake Edwards needed an opening sequence for his film, The Pink Panther, so he commissioned David H. DePatie and Warner Brothers cartoon director, Friz Freleng to make one for it. The opening sequence turned out to be more popular than the movie itself, so United Artist commissioned DePatie-Freleng Enterprises to make Pink Panther cartoons for theaters. In 1969, due to the success of the cartoon, NBC started airing The Pink Panther Show along with another DFE theatrical cartoon... The Inspector It was based on the Inspector Clouseau character. The Inspector was a clumsy French detective who bumbles everythi...

The Playboy Club

The Playboy Club logoFrom Academy Award-winning executive producer Brian Grazer, "The Playboy Club" is a provocative new drama about a time and place that challenged the social mores, where a visionary entrepreneur created an empire and an icon changed American culture. It's the early ‘60s, and the legendary Playboy Club in Chicago is the door to all of your fantasies -- and the key is the most sought-after status symbol of its kind. Inside the seductive world of the bunny, the epitome of beauty and service, the clientele rubs shoulders with the decade's biggest mobsters, politicos and entertainers. Nick Dalton (Eddie Cibrian, "CSI: Miami") is one of the city's top attorneys and the ultimate playboy, rubbing elbows with everyone in the city's power structure. With mysterious ties to the mob, Nick comes t...
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