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The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo

The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo logoWelcome to the Lobo guide at TV Tome.

The Mommies

The Mommies logoWelcome to The Mommies guide at TV Tome. The show is based around the act of stand-up comedians Kentz and Kristensen, a duo from California who discuss the joys and headaches of motherhood. In this show, they play neighbors and long-time friends. Ashley Peldon received a nomination for Best Young Actress at the 1991 Daytime Emmy Awards for her role on The Mommies. "I didn't know where that was going to go, because the producers didn't know what they were going to do with her. After the pilot they incorporated her into the first season a lot, even though it was only a recurring role. But for the second season they made her a regular," says Jennifer Blanc of her role on The Mommies. interview by Laurence Marcus and Paul Webb There is a forum for The Mommies fans to talk about the show.

The Mothers-In-Law

The Mothers-In-Law logoRoger and Kaye live next door to Eve and Herb. Eve and Herb's daughter Suzie marries Roger and Kaye's son Jerry. This forces the families to be a bit closer than they would prefer, particularly since Jerry and Suzie live in the garage. Written by Ed Sutton The Hubbards and Buells are the best of friends despite their wildly different lifestyles. Herb Hubbard is a successful lawyer and Eve is a former champion athlete, while Roger Buell is a television writer and his wife Kaye is a poor housekeeper to the point of being lazy. Also, Roger and Kaye's son Jerry was married to Herb and Eve's daughter Susie. Sometimes the friendship is tested as both "mothers-in-law" try to help their children as they go through the early stages of their marriage.

The Naked Truth

The Naked Truth logoNo Description

The Name of the Game

The Name of the Game logohe Name of the Game was actually three series under one title. Each of the three stars of the show, Gene Barry, Robert Stack and Tony Franciosa were featured in their own self-contained episodes. The connection between them was Howard Publications, a Los Angeles based publishing empire that had been built up from scratch by its dynamic owner, Glenn Howard. Howard's position of power, his confrontations with business and political enemies, and his own flamboyant lifestyle were portrayed in his portion of The Name of the Game. Within the Howard empire were investigative correspondent Jeff Dillon and editor Dan Farrell. Dillon was a super-agressive former newsboy who had clawed his way up to a position of power and respect working for Howard's People Magazine. Farrell was a former FBI agent...

The Nat King Cole Show

The Nat King Cole Show logoIn 1956, The Nat King Cole Show was a Variety Show starring African-American Nat King Cole. The show originally started as a fifteen minute show and went to become a thirty minute show. The show had no sponsors that were interested in a permanent relationship with the series. The show was sponsored by NBC.

The New Adventures of Davy Crockett

The New Adventures of Davy Crockett logoTim Dunigan takes over Fess Parker's famous role as the frontiersman from Tennessee who gets elected to Congress and later forges his way down to New Mexico to battle at the Alamo. The New Adventures of Davy Crockett was a well-executed remake of the Disney original.

The New Adventures of Huck Finn

The New Adventures of Huck Finn logoThe New Adventures of Huck Finn was created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. This unique series mixed live-action and animation as classic literature characters Huckleberry Finn, Becky Thatcher, and Tom Sawyer find themselves lost in the world of animation as they seek to escape from their enemy Injun Joe, who appears in various incarnations, but also look to find their way back home to Hannibal, Missouri. No matter where they went, each episode was sure to be a major adventure as they encounter danger and excitement along the way.

The New Animated Adventures of Flash Gordon

The New Animated Adventures of Flash Gordon logoFlash Gordon blasts off to the planet Mongo with girlfriend Dale Arden and scientist Hans Zarkov to prevent evil dictator Ming the Merciless from dominating the universe. In attempting to put an end to Ming's villainy, Flash receives the aid (and often the hindrance) of Prince Barin of Arboria, the Hawk Men led by King Vultan, Queen Fria of the ice-covered land of Frigia, Thun the Lion Man and Ming's sexy, scantily-clad daughter Aura, who has a powerful attraction for Flash

The New Fantastic Four

The New Fantastic Four logoThe New Fantastic Four was an animated series produced by DePatie-Freleng Enterprises, and featured the talents of both of The Fantastic Four's creators - Stan Lee (as one of the series' writers) and Jack Kirby (as a storyboard artist), as well as the comics writer Roy Thomas behind the series. The series is famous for not including the Human Torch/Johnny Storm character from the comics and replacing him with the original character of Herbie the robot (who would later appear in the original comics). This was done due to the fact that the character of the Human Torch was optioned for a live-action version at around the same time, and not, as some people have mentioned, due to network concerns that children would set themselves on fire to emulate him. Unfortunately, although this series was ...
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