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The Bold Ones: The Protectors

The Bold Ones: The Protectors logoWelcome to The Bold Ones: The Protectors guide at TV Tome. Also called The Bold Ones: The Law Enforcers

The Bold Ones: The Senator

The Bold Ones: The Senator logoWelcome to The Bold Ones: The Senator guide at TV Tome. Short-lived but high quality series about a U. S. Senator facing the current issues of his time. The series ran on alternating weeks with two other Bold Ones shows - The New Doctors and The Lawyers, and only eight episodes were broadcast during the 1970/71 season. However, the series received five Emmy awards, including Best Dramatic Series and Best Actor (Hal Holbrook). It was nominated for an additional four Emmys. There is no editor for this show. If you would like to be the editor look here for details.

The Brady Brides

The Brady Brides logoThe Brady Brides was the second of a long line of revivals centered around the Bradys, the sitcom family from the 1969-1974 ABC series, The Brady Bunch.Marcia Brady and Jan Brady become engaged at the same time--Jan to professor Phillip Covington III and Marcia to toymaker Wally Logan. They get married in a double wedding and then move into a house together, setting the stage for this spinoff.The show lasted 10 episodes in the spring of 1981 on NBC. The first three weeks of the show, in which the Brady girls were getting ready for their wedding, did quite well. The show started to falter in the ratings after these episodes and was then cancelled. The series has been aired on the FOX Family Channel (now ABC Family)in specials. The first four episodes were put together in syndication to make...

The Cape (2010)

The Cape (2010) logoSet in the fictional metropolis of Palm City, The Cape follows an innocent cop who has been framed for a crime he did not commit and then left for dead after he is caught. He is eventually saved by a circus ringleader who prepares him with special abilities to defend himself against his foes. Separated from his wife and son, he tries to clear his name while protecting them from being killed if he was ever reported alive. He takes the law into his own hands by taking the guise of his son's favorite comic book hero, The Cape, after he is given a special suit that has unique capabilities. Vowing to get rid of the corruption that has taken over both the city and the police force, he goes after the person responsible for setting him up and causing his "demise."
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The Cape (2011)

The Cape (2011) logoVince Faraday is a cop who has been framed for murder leading him to fall off the grid and become the super hero known only as "The Cape."

The Celebrity Apprentice

The Celebrity Apprentice logoThe Celebrity Apprentice (also known as The Apprentice) is the United States version of the reality television series, The Apprentice. This version features celebrity candidates vying for the title of Donald Trump's, "Best Business Brain," with the winner donating their proceeds to charity. The candidates did not reside in a communal penthouse of Trump Tower which was more as a meeting vicinity and also the boardroom. The celebrities lives in Trump International Hotel and Tower. There are also no traditionally given rewards to the winning team apart from the winning project manager receiving an amount of $20,000 along with available proceeds from the tasks to be donated to his or her favorite charity. Nevertheless, the firing rule remained.

The Chopping Block

The Chopping Block logoThe high-profile chef Marco Pierre White will host a competition that takes place in the restaurants of New York City. Each week, the contestants will have to completely renovate, organize and develop a signature dish for a restaurant. They winners will have the chance to open their own restaurant

The Code

The Code logoWelcome to the The Code guide at TV Tome. This Drama stars Donnie Wahlberg as an honest police officer who goes undercover to investigate dirty cops.

The Colgate Comedy Hour

The Colgate Comedy Hour logoA big-budget variety series featuring some of the biggest names in show business. Variety shows hosted by a major comedian were fairly common in the early fifties, but the Colgate show was different in that it featured alternating hosts. Some performers (like Phil Silvers or Ray Bolger) would only host once or twice, while the "regular" hosts appeared once a month. Initially the regular hosts were Eddie Cantor, Fred Allen and Martin & Lewis. Allen, one of the biggest comedians in radio, couldn't make the transition to television and left the show after a few months. In 1951, Abbott & Costello and Donald O'Connor became "regulars". Bob Hope joined the ranks in 1952, but only stayed with the program for one season (1952-1953). In the fall of 1953, Hope was replaced by Jimmy Durante-who also...

The Comedy Awards

The Comedy Awards logoThe Comedy Awards is an annual award ceremony run by the American television network Comedy Central, honoring the best of comedy.[1] The first ceremony took place on March 26, 2011 and aired on April 10 on CMT, Comedy Central, Logo, Spike TV, TV Land and VH1. It debuted on The Comedy Channel in Australia on May 22, 2011. The Comedy Awards represent Comedy Central's second attempt at creating an annual awards show, after the Commie Awards, which ran once in 2003.
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