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Poker After Dark

Poker After Dark logoProfessional poker players such as Phil Hellmuth, Mike Matusow and Annie Duke compete against others in a game of No Limit Texas hold 'em on a nightly basis in this heated show until only one player is left holding the cards and the winner take the prize of $120,000. Shana Haitt hosts the series.

Police Story

Police Story logoClassic anthology series, which details the personal lives of the men and women of the Los Angeles Police Department. The stories ranged from highly dramatic to extremely funny. Even though there weren't any real regulars, Don Meredith and Tony LoBianco were often seen throughout the run of the show as detectives Bert Jameson and Tony Calabrese respectively.

Police Woman

Police Woman logoWelcome to the Police Woman guide at TV Tome. Sergeant Pepper Anderson was an undercover agent for the Criminal Conspiracy Unit of the Los Angeles Police Department. Working with her on the Vice Squad were Detectives Joe Styles and Pete Royster. Pepper posed undercover from mob girl to prostitute, and the team reported directly to Lieutenant Bill Crowley. The pilot episode for 'Police Woman' appeared on 'Police Story' as "The Gamble".

Pride & Joy

Pride & Joy logoNo Description

Prince Street

Prince Street logoWelcome to the Prince Street guide at TV Tome. This show was based on a real life New York City Police unit that secretly operated for over 20 years. With their headquarters located behind a print shop on Prince Street in SoHo, the groups officers carried no badges and didn't wear uniforms, often working under cover. Lt. Warner is the boyish commander of the team, which included suspicious-looking Gage, the tough but cool single-mom Echeverria, father-confesser Tasio and the cocky recruit Libretti. Theme Song by: Jan Hammer

Private Eye

Private Eye logoNo Description


Profiler logoSci-fi cop drama about a forensic psychologist with an eerie talent ” she `sees' crimes being committed after probing the murder scenes. She not only envisions what happened, but does so through the eyes of both the victims and the killers.

Project UFO

Project UFO logoNo Description


Providence logoWelcome to the Providence guide at TV Tome.

Punky Brewster

Punky Brewster logo"Every time I turn around, I see the girl who turned my world around..." Seven-year-old Punky Brewster certainly turned Henry Warnimont's world around. Henry was a grouchy old man who was set in his ways, until Punky came along and changed him in a way that was not thought possible...Henry became a happy man, determined to be the best parent he could be. According to reports from when this series was announced, there was a real Punky Brewster, but not quite like the one in the show. When NBC's programming head Brandon Tartikoff was a kid, he had a crush on a tomboyish older girl by that name. Years later, Tartikoff's first child was nicknamed Punky. He also thought it would be a great name for a series. NBC's attorneys tracked down the real Punky, who was married to an attorney in Connecti...
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