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ALF: The Animated Series

ALF: The Animated Series logoALF The Animated Series was a spin off of the live action ALF series and followed ALF's adventures on his home planet of Melmac with his family, his girlfriend Rhonda and friends Skip and Sloop. ALF The Animated Series first aired on NBC in September 26, 1987 and was produced by DIC Entertainment.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1985)

Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1985) logoAn anthology series modeled after and frequently based upon the original series of the 1950s-1960s. This version featured remakes of episodes from the original series as well as original stories. Note that Hitchcock's introductions are colorized versions of segments originally filmed for the first "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" (1955). Alfred Hitchock was filmed in Toronto Canada. All rights reserved.(C)Michael Sloan Productions Universal TV [us]Distributors National Broadcasting Company (NBC) [us] (1985-1987) Studios USA Television [us] USA Network Inc. [us] (1987-1989)

Almost Live!

Almost Live! logoAlmost Live! was a local sketch comedy television show in Seattle, Washington, USA, produced and broadcast by NBC affiliate KING-TV from 1984 to 1999. A re-packaged version of the show also aired on Comedy Central from 1992 to 1993, and episodes aired on WGRZ-TV in the late 1990s. The show was broadcast on Saturday nights at 11:30, pushing Saturday Night Live back to midnight. The show is now aired in reruns by the Seattle NBC affiliate following Saturday Night Live.

Amazing Stories

Amazing Stories logoExplore Steven Spielberg's imaginative mind in this classic series of incredible tales. Amazing Stories is an incredible collection of short tales from the creative mind of Steven Spielberg. Most episodes ran in a half-hour time slot, with only a few going longer than that. In spite of the brevity of the show, each episode packs in a well-developed story, along with some subtle commentaries on human nature and morality.

America's Got Talent

America's Got Talent logoSimon Cowell and NBC are scouring the country in search of the most talented person in America. Regis Philbin is the host. David Hasselhoff, Piers Morgan, & Brandy Norwood are judges. In this show, people show their talent and hope to impress the judges to reach to the top. The grand prize winner will win $1,000,000! The show will feature talent from various people from balancing stuff off their teeth to even rock bands. If they don't have the talent to recieve the grand prize, the judges kick them out off the competition. However, unless they impress to judges, they continue their quest. Who has the talent to receive the grand prize?

America's Next Great Restaurant

America's Next Great Restaurant logoSomeone out there is sitting on a gold mine - the idea for the next great restaurant. It could be a fast food chain or a revolutionary five-star French bistro. But that person probably doesn't have the money or resources to turn their dream into reality. That's where we come in. Five big-name investors put their own reputations and money on the line and the contestants' ideas to the ultimate test. Experts such as celebrity chef and restaurateur Bobby Flay will not only judge quality, flavor and ingenuity, but the ability to replicate and ultimately grow into a real, operating business. In the end, one contestant will survive elimination and receive the biggest reality prize in television history, a new restaurant chain.

America's Toughest Jobs

America's Toughest Jobs logoThis NBC reality project spotlights the action and adventure found in this country's workforce. It is a competition series where each week 13 men and women must work on physically demanding jobs. Each week a contestant will be elimnated if his or her work is not up to par. The last remaining worker will receive the combined annual salaries of the jobs in the competition.

American Dream Builders

American Dream Builders logoAmerica's top designers, builders, architects and landscapers go head-to-head each week, putting their talents to the test on extreme home renovations. They'll tackle spaces that are architecturally diverse, resulting in epic transformations with impeccable design. These incredible transformations will be judged by host Nate Berkus and a panel of experts to determine which team achieved the best results. The losing team will then be forced to send one team member home. In the live finale, the two remaining competitors will each design and renovate a home on their own, bringing their unique visions to life. America will then vote and crown one contestant the winner. Finally, the two spectacular homes will be given away to two lucky viewers!

American Dreamer

American Dreamer logoNo Description

American Dreams

American Dreams logoThis evocative drama, which won two Emmy Awards, is set against the memorable music, the cultural clashes, and the Vietnam war during the 1960s. The third-year drama depicts the American landscape -- as seen through the youthful Pryor family of Philadelphia as they brace for the cultural turbulence… More ahead that still resonates in this contemporary era. Seventeen-year-old Meg Pryor is shedding her “good girl” image as she and her outspoken best friend Roxanne continue to pursue their dreams of making a difference as they struggle through the transition from teenager to adult. While they continue to dance on Dick Clark’s locally produced “American Bandstand,” they find -- as seniors at East Catholic High School -- that the world around them is growing ever closer with issues...
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