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Holocaust logoThis groundbreaking miniseries explores a decade in the lives of the members of an extended Jewish family and a German lawyer who becomes a Nazi officer. As the horrific events of the holocaust unfold, all will face unthinkable decisions and fates. Featuring a superb cast that includes Meryl Streep, James Woods, Ian Holm, Michael Moriarty, Joseph Bottoms, Tovah Feldshuh and Sam Wanamaker, the 1978 production won eight Emmys and two Golden Globes.

Home Fires

Home Fires logoMeet the Kramers. Just your average American family. A father, a mother, two teenagers - one boy and one girl - and a therapist. How they keep the "Home Fires" burning is the basis for this comedy series from the Paltrow Group in association with Sony Pictures Television. Teddy Kramer (Michael Brandon) is an outspoken, opinionated man trying desperately to stay hip in a world that's suddenly moving just a little too fast for him. He finds that the values his father held, and that he once totally discarded, are slowly becoming his values. Teddy's wife, soft-spoken Anne Kramer (Kate Burton), is the family peace-maker. She's constantly negotiating cease-fires in their home while also trying to maintain her own lines of communication with her ever-growing children. Only one thing strik...

Homicide: Life on the Street

Homicide: Life on the Street logoA mundane yet compelling look into the grim affairs of the Homicide Unit of the Baltimore Police Department. Shot entirely with handheld cameras on location in the Fells Point Community of Baltimore, it's unlike most "cop shows" in that it lacks action-packed sequences involving car chases, gun fights and explosions. Instead, the episodes are focused on the actual investigative work required to close the case. Inspired by David Simon's acclaimed non-fiction book, "Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets," it's been quoted as "the most reality-based police drama ever aired on television."

Hot Pursuit

Hot Pursuit logoHot Pursuit is a short-lived American television series starring Kerrie Keane and Eric Pierpoint, which aired from September 22 to December 28, 1984 on NBC. Jim and Kate Wyler are an upper-middle class couple. Kate is a successful automotive engineer, while Jim is a practicing veterinarian. Kate is framed for murdering her boss, Victor Modrian (Bradford Dillman), and sentenced to prison. In reality, Victor Modrian's wife Estelle (Dina Merrill) orchestrated the murder using a lookalike for Kate. Jim discovers the homeless lookalike and determines to bring Estelle to justice.

Howie Do It

Howie Do It logoHowie Do It is an American/Canadian comedy television series, co-commissioned by NBC and Global, that stars Howie Mandel. The series features practical jokes in the vein of earlier shows like Punk'd or Candid Camera – the supposed twist being that the cameras are in the open, not hidden as in the other series. Mandel appears, often incognito, in several of the jokes. After the big reveal, Howie then delivers the line "This is Howie Do It!"

Hull High

Hull High logoNo Description


Hunter logoRick Hunter is a cop who has three things going against him: His family is involved with organized crime, cops don't trust him and most of his partners get seriously injured. Now his commanding officer, Captain Cain, has it in for him. He is forced to see a psychiatrist, and if he wants to work in the field, he has to have a partner. The only one who is willing to work with him is Bernie Terwilleger, a less than competent cop. Hunter then decides to team with the only other cop, who has a hard time with partners, too, Dee Dee McCall. Currently, they are working on a case involving a possible serial killer, but since Terwilliger was the first cop at the scene, it's his case. But Hunter sensing that Terwilliger will not give it his all, decides to investigate on his own. After a couple...

Hunter (2003)

Hunter (2003) logoNo Description

I Dream of Jeannie

I Dream of Jeannie logoI Dream of Jeannie (1965-1970) centers on astronaut Tony Nelson who discovers a mysterious bottle that releases a genie named Jeannie. Jeannie is so happy to be free of her prison she promises to serve Capt. Nelson and grant him special favors.

I Married Joan

I Married Joan logoLike "I Love Lucy", "I Married Joan" featued an upstanding, sensible husband married to a wacky but well-meaning wife who caused problems everywhere she went. In this case the husband was Brad Stevens, a domestic court judge. Each episode opened with Judge Stevens in the courtroom relating to the parties involved some similar situation he had encountered with his wife Joan. Then the story would be acted out as the show progressed (in sydication most of the opening courtroom scenes are edited out.) Slapstick, physical comedy was at the core of the show and the crazier the stunts, the better. (Joan did everything from jitterbugging with a chimp to feeding Brad a hot water bottle!) The show featured several different actors and actresses as the friends of the Stevens' including Hope Emers...
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