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Crisis Center

Crisis Center logoThe drama series Crisis Center revolves around a help and crisis center in San Francisco, where Kathy, a perceptive young intern in psychology, has just joined the close-knit staff, and must learn the ropes.

Crossing Jordan

Crossing Jordan logoThe Boston Medical Examiners office brings us Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh, who is fearless, smart and sexy. Dr. Garret Macy is Chief Medical Examiner and it is his job to keep Dr. Cavanaugh in check. With her methods a little on the unorthodox side her relationship with Detective Woody Hoyt is constantly being tested. It is not just Medical Examiners and Detectives we also have grief counselor Lily Lebowski, criminologist Nigel Townsend, and forensic entomologist "Bug". This dynamic team takes us though the crime solving process and keeps us guessing.


Crusoe logoBased on the classic Daniel Defoe novel, Crusoe tells the story of young Robinson Crusoe as he leaves the love of his life to set out on an adventure. When the trip takes a turn for the worst, Crusoe ends up shipwrecked on a tropical island, detached from the only life he's known. Stranded, his friendship with Friday and memories of his wife keep him sane as he battles enemies, braves the elements, and learns how to survive on the island for over 28 years.


Ctrl logoIn this original online comedy, Stuart, an office nerd, discovers the power of "Ctrl" and other magic shortcuts on his computer keyboard. After this discovery he has the ability to undo his actions and make certain things happen, which ultimately might allow Stuart to beat his immature boss and… More profess his love to his boss' assistant.
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Dame Edna's Hollywood

Dame Edna's Hollywood logoNo Description

Danger Island

Danger Island logoNo Description

Dark Shadows (1991)

Dark Shadows (1991) logoIn 1966, gothic soap opera Dark Shadows premiered on ABC, and ran for 5 years, making exactly 1225 episodes. Today, it is known as the most popular cult classic of all time. In 1990, Dan Curtis remade his '60s soap opera, and made it into a weekly drama. NBC bought the series, and aired it mid-season 1991. The series wasn't up to NBC's standards in ratings, so NBC cancelled the show after twelve 60 minute episodes. Dark Shadows: The Revival Series remade most of the beginning episodes, and the episodes that transported Victoria Winters back to 1795 (In the original series, Victoria goes to 1795. This series goes to 1790). The series starts with the resurrection of Barnabas Collins, who comes out of his coffin from 1790. Dr. Julia Hoffman helps cure his vampirism, and he is released fr...

Dark Skies

Dark Skies logoDark Skies is set in the 1960's and includes a government employee, John Loengard, and his fiance Kimberly Sayers. John's quest for the truth leads him to Majestic-12, a secret government operation (above all offices and law) dealing with extra-terrestrials. At first the show seems to be just another show about Government spies and greyliens, but look closer and you will see much deeper. The plot thickens. The Greys, it seems, are only hosts for the real aliens, called the Hive. The Hive are much more dangerous than was previously imaginable with the Greys. This horrible truth is to be kept from the American people by Captain Bach, the leader of super-secret government organization called Majestic-12. The two main characters are on the run from the alien Hive and from the Government, and t...

Dateline NBC

Dateline NBC logoDateline presents in-depth coverage of news stories. Rather than just reading news reports, as most news shows do, the reporters for this show research their subjects and interview the people closely involved to create an informative work of investigative journalism.
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