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National Geographic

National Geographic logoNo Description

Knights of Mayhem

Knights of Mayhem logoA group of modern-day Lancelots and Galahads are donning suits of heavy armor and wielding solid wooden lances, intent on transforming medieval jousting from a staged re-enactment into a full-fledged professional sport. Led by Charlie Andrews, the founder of the Ultimate Jousting Championship organization and the reigning world champion, the knights head into battle in competitions across the United States, knowing full well, as Andrews says, ``you could get killed, and that is a reality.'' But that hasn't stopped Andrews from pursuing his dream of taking professional jousting to the masses, and this series chronicles his efforts, including how he must train a troupe of knights who have the strength, dedication and guts to fight for the championship.

Life of Oceans

Life of Oceans logoIt covers 70% of the Earth's surface and holds the very key to a life within its silent shadowy depths. Prepare to dive the depths of our ocean to experience its awesome beauty and extraordinary power in our stunning new four-part series Life of Oceans. Each breathtaking episode brings to life a vast, interconnected ecosystem: from the diversity and significance of microscopic plankton, to the sleek power of top aquatic predators.

locked up Abroad

locked up Abroad logoTrue stories of people who have ended up miles from home, in a foreign land in a situation beyond their worst nightmares. From travelers who fell foul of the law and found themselves behind bars, to an adventurer who strayed too far off the beaten track and found himself hostage, Locked Up Abroad tells their stories.

Lost in China

Lost in China logoFrom China’s wild west to Beijing’s boom, photography and filmmaking duo Jeff and Peter Hutchens capture china in its moment of change.

Mad Labs

Mad Labs logoNo Description

Man Made

Man Made logoMan-made products and their histories and ingenuity are examined in this series.

Man v. Monster

Man v. Monster logoMan may have conquered most of the planet, but there are still places where unknown creatures lurk. Join British adventurer and cinematographer Richard Terry in pursuit of these monsters in Man V Monster Thursdays at 8pm. Brave jungles and remote islands to track down animals so dangerous they think nothing of attacking, and killing, human prey. Can you both survive these encounters with some of the most feared and cryptic species on Earth?


Megafactories logoTake an in-depth look at the production lines rolling out some of the 21st century's hottest sets of wheels, as this series reveals the design and construction wonders taking place in some of the planet's biggest industrial plants. From factory floor to worldwide design fame, Megafactories is the true story of the planet's greatest factories.


Megastructures logoTake an eye-popping look at the greatest structures and machines ever created as we focus on some of the world's modern-day super-human miracles of construction.

Mississippi River Quest

Mississippi River Quest logo"Mississippi River Quest" follows a team of modern-day explorers as they tackle all 2,300 miles, which means, of course, an early stop in the Twin Cities. "Mississippi River Quest" is a three-part special on National Geographic that follows a filmmaker, a scientist and a professional fisherman as they try to ride the length of the Mississippi River in a variety of vessels.
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