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National Geographic

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Earth: The Biography

Earth: The Biography logoEarth: The Biography is a breathtakingly beautiful, painstakingly detailed look into the life of our four and a half billion year old planet. By utilizing high definition filming, satellite imagery, CGI and time-lapse technology, it gives rare insight into the vulnerable nature of our planet and reminds viewers of the essential role that mankind plays in its survival and destruction. Balancing between dramatic visuals and illuminating facts, Earth: The Biography makes global science truly compelling. Presentation: Dr. Iain Stewart

Egypt Unwrapped

Egypt Unwrapped logoEgypt Unwrapped searches for Egypt's lost treasures and redefines the way we look at ancient Egypt.


Evolutions logoThis three-part series illuminates unique and bizarre evolutionary journeys that have brought forth some of the world’s most impressive animals. We unearth a 50-million-year-old mystery mammal, discover the missing link between the velociraptor and modern day birds, and find out if a new bear species could be about to evolve before our very eyes.

Expedition Great White

Expedition Great White logoNational Geographic joins a crew of world class anglers and scientists for a remarkable expedition to study the largest predatory fish on earth. It’s unlike any other catch ever attempted – monster great white sharks are hauled out of the water for unprecedented up-close encounters.
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Expedition Week

Expedition Week logoFor more than a century, National Geographic has expanded our understanding of the world with major expeditions and groundbreaking discoveries. The legacy of exploration continues in National Geographic Channels Expedition Week. Building on last years success, this year brings all-new expeditions taking viewers to more never-before-seen places and promising one great discovery after another


Explorer logoNow in its third decade, National Geographic Explorer travels around the world exploring topical news stories. Hosted by Lisa Ling, Explorer visits locations with unique events and fascinating stories.

Fight Science

Fight Science logoBrad Pitt may have made it famous, but National Geographic Channel shows you what life is really like in the subculture of competitive fighting. No judges, no trophies and no referees. It's not just a sport but a rite of passage, a personal challenge each man must face.

Fish Tank Kings

Fish Tank Kings logo“We don’t build fish bowls, we build fish mansions,” is the motto of Mat Roy, an affable, well-tanned man with thick salt-and-pepper hair and the owner of Living Color Aquariums in Fort Lauderdale, Florid. Fish Tank Kings, premiering on 12 May 2012, resembles the other docuseries on Nat Geo Wild. Like The Dog Whisperer, Alaska State Troopers, and Border Wars (about Homeland Security agents), Kings depicts men at work: men shaking hands, solving problems, expressing their frustrations to and about their co-workers in grunts and mutters.

Fish Warrior

Fish Warrior logoLifelong angler and world record-holding fisherman Jakub Vâgner embarks on extreme fishing expeditions to the most remote regions of the world.

Food Lovers Guide to the Planet

Food Lovers Guide to the Planet logoThis James Beard award-winning series is a mouth-watering mixture of food, culture and travel. From spicy biryani in South India and bustling farmers markets in Mexico, to soy sauce factories in Hong Kong, self-professed food lovers across the globe are bursting with new culinary tales to share. With the breadth of international travel combined with a passion for food, Food Lover's Guide to the Planet delivers a unique cultural look at the world; it is a complete food fair. The series dives into the diverse realm of the world's greatest cuisine, from New Zealand's purest honey to Italy's famous Parmigiano Reggiano. Infused with "green" elements, the delicious series reveals examples of sustainable farming and fishing, as well as new efforts to cultivate organic dairy, meat, and plant prod...
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