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National Geographic

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America the Wild

America the Wild logoSomewhere deep in America’s big backyard, wild things are stalking their prey – little do they know, they are being hunted themselves; acclaimed wildlife tracker Casey Anderson camps out on a wild island to investigate aggressive Wolves, rappels into a cave in search of Vampire Bats, comes face-to-face with a rare herd of Alaska’s gargantuan Moose, slices his way through ‘Gator-Heaven’ in the Florida Everglades, helicopters in to witness a face-off between Bighorn Sheep and Mountain Lions and finally, goes into the heart of darkness to experience the unknown world of Yellowstone’s Grizzlies at night.

America's Hardest Prisons

America's Hardest Prisons logoFind out what goes on inside America’s most dangerous prisons. Visit the institutions where hardened criminals try to break all the rules every day and meet the prison officers who try to keep them in line. Discover the stories behind the inmates who are kept there. For some, life on the inside is all they know. For others, only thoughts of their loved ones keep them on the right track. And for those who want to go straight, their biggest challenge comes when they try to make a new life on the outside. The critically acclaimed America’s Hardest Prisons returns for another six-part series beginning with a guided tour of Stateville Correctional Facility, in Chicago, Illinois, by Sgt. Baldwin, a 16-year veteran. He expresses the importance of the outside world to inmates and how it kee...

America's Lost Treasures

America's Lost Treasures logoAcross America, in basements and barns, attics and backyards, there are forgotten links to our national history. Objects with unexpected value and incredible true stories are just waiting to be uncovered. And now the National Geographic Channel is on a quest to do just that! In our new 10-epiosde series, "America’s Lost Treasures", we are coming to cities across America in search of historical objects with unexpected value. (Source: National Geographic Channel)

American Chainsaw

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American Gypsies

American Gypsies logoThese days, it's getting tougher and tougher to make a fortune in the fortune-telling business. Meet the Johns family, one of Manhattan's most prominent Gypsy families. In each episode of this new series, cameras document their efforts to preserve Gypsy customs amid the vices of the city, while upholding their family's power in the community and expanding their psychic show empire. Go inside Gypsy culture for the first time for an intimite portrayal of a family trying to capture their version of the American dream. (Source: National Geographic Channel)

American Paranormal

American Paranormal logoWhether it is the existence of aliens, the possibility of life after death, or sightings of strange creatures, the lure of the unknown has always been irresistible. Now, using the latest scientific techniques, this series seeks to ascertain whether these strange occurrences, myths and startling phenomena are merely illusions or actually real. Each episode highlights one topic, including: Bigfoot, one of America's most-sighted-but-never-seen beings; the Eastern State Penitentiary, one of America's most haunted locations; and a possible UFO Invasion on March 13, 1997 in Nevada and Arizona.

American Weed

American Weed logoAll-new series American Weed finds Colorado medical marijuana businesses under scrutiny and facing mounting pressures from local residents. Medical cannabis entrepreneur and Fort Collins dispensary owner Josh Stanley works aggressively to counter such pressure with radio ads and fundraisers. As the oldest of 11 kids, Josh relies heavily on several of his brothers to work at the grove and keep his business supplied in medical marijuana. Meanwhile, Sgt. Jim Gerhardt and fellow officers on the North Metro Task Force continue to find illegal grows by residents claiming to be growing medical marijuana. Is the pendulum swinging back to curb the 10-year proliferation of medical marijuana in Colorado?

Amish: Out Of Order

Amish: Out Of Order logoIt takes a lot to leave the only life you’ve ever known—for one you’ve been told will lead you straight to hell. And with little possibility of normal contact with your family ever again, turning your back on the Amish order is an immense undertaking, and a choice that’s not made without tremendous consideration. In the new ten-part series Amish: Out of Order, follow the trials and tribulations of individuals who have made the decision to leave the Amish community behind. Due to their religious beliefs, most Amish refuse to be photographed or videotaped—even ex-Amish risk permanent shunning by their family and community for appearing on camera. The ex-Amish in this program accept that risk.

Ancient Megastructures

Ancient Megastructures logoExamine how ancient civilisations built some of the most magnificent structures on the face of the Earth, many centuries before the industrial revolution.

Ancient Voices, Modern World

Ancient Voices, Modern World logoAncient Voices, Modern World is the National Geographic series that takes a look at hidden cultures that have preserved their ancient ways in the face of modern society. Viewers join anthropologist Wade Davis who hosts the journeys to these unseen places where people still live as their ancestors do when the rest of the world is developing into technological modern civilizations. Venture into the Amazon, where you can see the Barasana river people. In war-torn Colombia there are people still living with the ancient ways. Venture to the Central Asian steppes of Mongolia to see descendants of Genghis Kahn who have remained in their traditional ways. Finally, go down under to the Australian outback to see the disappearing cultures of the region. Tune in with Wade Davis as he tours the world v...
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