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Hows Your News

Hows Your News logoHows Your News is a documentary news series which features reporters with various disabilities. It began at summer camp over ten years ago. Humor is an important part of life with a disability (and life in general!), so we'd like you to know that it's okay to laugh at some of this material. We're all laughing right along with you.

Human Giant

Human Giant logoHuman Giant is a four man sketch comedy team consisting of members Aziz, Ansari, Paul Scheer, Rob Huebel, and Jason Woliner. Human Giant is bringing their brand of reckless comedy to MTV

I Just Want My Pants Back

I Just Want My Pants Back logoJason Strider and his friends grapple with dating, sex, and surviving as adults. They care more about hanging with each other, going to bars and hooking up than their entry level jobs, but when a one night stand steals Jason's heart and his pants, he begins a quest to get his beloved jeans back - and hopefully the girl - while growing up along the way.

I Used To Be Fat

I Used To Be Fat logoIt's the biggest summer of their lives, and the teenagers profiled on this reality series are spending it desperate to become smaller. Each episode follows one overweight student from their last days of high school to their first ones of college, documenting their progress as they work with weight-loss experts and participate in a rigorous fitness regimen. As the changes begin to show on the outside, viewers witness how the teens change on the inside, gaining self-esteem and a new outlook on life. After a few months of college, the students are revisited to see if they've kept the weight off or gained it back.

I Want a Famous Face

I Want a Famous Face logoSo you wanna look like your favorite celebrity? Well, it used to be people just checked out the rich and famous just to see how to dress or cut their hair. But today, its getting easier to take this infatuation with celebrities to a whole 'nother level of obsession. We're taking cosmetic plastic surgery, and in the last six years, the number of young people getting it, over two million in 2002 alone, has almost tripled. And shockingly, many of them are going under the knife to resemble their favorite stars. How far would you go to look like a celebrity? Nose job here? Nip & tuck there? The people you are about to meet went that far and beyond. They have endured painful and sometimes risky reconstructive surgery to look like their favorite celebrity. MTV I Want a Famous Face returns to fol...

If You Really Knew Me

If You Really Knew Me logoIn high school, there are the students who rule the school -- like jocks, cheerleaders, and the popular kids -- and the ones who get picked on -- like nerds, emos, and outcasts. That's just high school, right? But what if you could change that? Like a reality version of The Breakfast Club, each episode of If You Really Knew Me takes place at a different high school, and follows five students from different cliques as they go through the life-changing experience of Challenge Day, a one-day program that breaks down the walls between cliques, and completely changes the way students view their school and each other. Watch the amazing transformation each week as new students open up for the first time and try to change by revealing who they really are, behind the cliques and the labels. Is it ...

Is She Really Going Out With Him?

Is She Really Going Out With Him? logoInspired by the popular website Hot Chicks with Douchebags, "Is She Really Going Out With Him?" is a hilarious and compelling docu-format show that aims to tear down the mystery behind pop culture's latest unexplainable phenomenon: beautiful and innocent young sweethearts who fall for self-absorbed, overly-tanned, tattoo covered douchebags.


Jackass logoJoin sadomasochistic superheroes Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, and the rest of the Jackass crew as they terrorize your TV screens and everyone that gets in their way (especially themselves) with their own sick and twisted interpretation of physical entertainment. Their brand of pranks, goofball antics, and unabashed brutal comedy are sure to bring new meaning to the phrase "Don't Try This At Home!" To this date, Jackass ranks as one of MTV's highest rated programs. However, controversy surrounding the show's tastelessness and violence led to it's inevitable cancellation. However, the Jackass legacy continues to live on with late night syndication on MTV and MTV2. More impressively, however, followed with the silver screen release of Jackass: The Movie, as well as current MTV spin-off...

Jamie Kennedy's Blowin' Up

Jamie Kennedy's Blowin' Up logoJamie Kennedy's Blowin' Up follows Jamie Kennedy and Stu Stone as they try to become rappers.

Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore logoGrab your hair gel, wax that Cadillac and get those tattooed biceps ready to fist pump with the best this summer at the Jersey Shore. MTV's newest docu-soap exposes one of the tri-state area's most misunderstood species, the Guido. Our Guidos and Guidettes will move into the ultimate beach house rental and indulge in everything the Seaside Heights, New Jersey scene has to offer. Beach by day, dancing and partying all night. They'll live, work, and rage together until the summer ends. There's no spray tan too orange, no hair too spiked, and no bod too tight for this crew. Source: MTV
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