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10 Mikroi Mitsoi

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Back to the House

Back to the House logoKaterina and Ilias are recently retired and are planning to make the long holiday trip that they always dreamt about. Their plans are ruined as their 3 children are moving back to their home due to economic difficulties, expecting some financial help from their parents. Help comes from Angela, the wealthy German-Greek girlfriend of their younger son. Angela takes control of their lives to get her money back...

L.A.P.D.: Lekanopedio Attikis Police Department

L.A.P.D.: Lekanopedio Attikis Police Department logoThere that is cancelled the triptych “quietness, order, safety”, somewhere there pops up a other triptych: Prokopis the head of the family, Thomas the negotiator, Loukas the pistoleer. They are perhaps the bad police officers in the history of Body, they are those that they accomplish to create more problems than what they solve, are those that become the fear and the terror, not only for the villains, but also for the good ones, are those that fight cover up their errors that the police chief is waiting around the corner in order to discharge them and get exempted finally from their continuous blunders. The L.A.P.D is a police comedy or rather a comedy with police officers that fight with proverbial clumsiness they prove in their superiors but also in the implacable women of their lif...
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