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Kanal 5

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100 Höjdare

100 Höjdare logoSwedish TV series hosted by the comedy duo Filip Hammar & Fredrik Wikingsson. In the first three seasons the hosts presented funny moments, often in the form of video clips, listing their 100 all-time favorites. In season two and three they also discuss the clips with celebrity guests. By season four the format changed and instead of showing clips, Filip and Fredrik made impromptu interviews with people, often in their homes.

4 Stjärnors Middag

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Big Brother (Sweden)

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Boston Tea Party

Boston Tea Party logoBoston Tea Party is a Swedish TV program on Kanal 5, which premiered on 24 September 2007. Behind the program stands the companions Filip & Fredrik. The name is taken from the Tea Party in Boston. The recording of the series was launched on 30 August 2007. The program sets the duo questions you may not have always wondered about. Eg Does a dachshound recognize his brother? How do you prepare a man for best flavor? Together with both known and unknown people and the all-knowing "Super Femman" discusses Filip & Fredrik everything from animals to cannibalism and terrorism. "Super Femman" consist of five experts, current political scientist Stig-Björn Ljunggren, psychologist Anna Karlstedt, historian Bengt Liljegren, physician Mikael Sandström and physicist Patrik Norqvist with the popular e...

High Chaparall

High Chaparall logoHigh Chaparall is a swedish show about Filip & Fredrik who gets to meet and interact with celebrities over a period of days, and thus really getting under their skin. Celebrities interviewed include; Dennis Rodman, Pamela Anderson, Ron Jeremy, Steve-O, Monica Lewinsky, Fabio, Uri Geller and many more.

I ditt ansikte

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Lilla Al-Fadji Och Co

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Police Chase

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