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Baboons with Bill Bailey

Baboons with Bill Bailey logoBaboons with Bill Bailey is a wildlife documentary series presented by Bill Bailey. The series follows Bill as he attempts to find out more about the lives of baboons who are living in several colonies in Cape Town, South Africa.

Bad Girls

Bad Girls logoStep inside HMP Larkhall and meet the women of G-Wing, who've committed various offences that range from shoplifting to murder. Bad Girls shows what life is like for these women in the 'inside world' and also shows the real-life problems (and maybe behaviour!) of the officers who watch them!

Bad Influence

Bad Influence logoBad Influence! (working title- Deep Techies according to BUZZ!, a now defunct video games magazine on ORACLE) was a mid 1990s British factual television program shown on Children’s ITV that looked at video games and computer technology. It was shown on Thursdays at 4:45pm between 29 October 1992 and 2 January 1996 and had a run of four series of between 13 and 15 shows of twenty minutes. For at least two of the four series, it had the highest ratings of any CITV program. Bad Influence! featured SNES/Genesis era game reviews, the latest hardware news and in-depth looks at gaming issues and new technology. The show was originally presented by Violet Berlin and Andy Crane in the studio and Z Wright in the US. They were also joined by a character called Nam Rood (Door Man backwards) , crazy...

Bad Lads Army

Bad Lads Army logoBad Lads Army is a British reality TV programme, specifically of the kind that constitutes a historically derived social experiment - other examples being The 1900 House and The Frontier House. Shown on ITV, Bad Lads Army is based on the premise of subjecting delinquent individuals to the conditions of British National Service of the 1950s in order to see if this could rehabilitate them.

Band of Gold

Band of Gold logoAfter kicking her abusive husband out and in debt to a loan shark, Gina Dickson meets Carol, a prostitute who introduces her to life on the game. Confronted with the reality of life on the streets, Gina and friends decide to start their own business, in an attempt to escape the influence of loan sharks, pimps and police


Barbara logoBarbara Liversidge; patient, sweet and gentle. yeah right... This brilliant sitcom follows the life of an out-spoken, no-nonsense middle aged Yorkshire woman named Barbara Liversidge who has become the agony aunt, problem-solver and all round sounding pole for her extended family.Through it all though, Barbara struggles vainly on in the desperate hope that one day she may be awarded with a quieter life!

Beech is Back

Beech is Back logoNo Description

Believe Nothing

Believe Nothing logoBelieve Nothing (2002) is a British sitcom starring Rik Mayall as Quadruple Professor Adonis Cnut, the cleverest man in England and Oxford's leading moral philosopher. Starring alongside Mayall is Michael Maloney as Brian Albumen, Cnut's faithful servant, and Emily Bruni as Dr. Hannah Awkward who becomes professor of pedantics.


benidorm logoBenidorm regulars for twenty years Jacqueline and Donald are enthusiastic middle-ages swingers who rarely leave the hotel. Known as ‘The Oracle’ because of his computer-like knowledge of trivial facts and figures, Geoff Maltby is on holiday with his mother, or PA as he calls her, but keen to hide the fact. Gavin and Troy are on their first break away together after setting up a successful hair salon. Kate and Martin’s marriage is at braking point after only one night in the resort. Then there are The Garveys; a Lancashire family who are on their first holiday abroad. Janice and Mick plus Janice’s mother – the sun-worshipping, chain-smoking Madge who can always be guaranteed to have a bad word for everyone.

Bill Bryson: Notes from a Small Island

Bill Bryson: Notes from a Small Island logoBill Bryson is an unabashed Anglophile who, through a mistake of history, happened to be born and bred in Iowa. Righting that error, he spent 20 years in England before deciding to repatriate: “I had recently read that 3.7 million Americans according to a Gallup poll, believed that they had been abducted by aliens at one time or another, so it was clear that my people needed me.” That comic tone enlivens this account of Bryson’s farewell walking tour of the countryside of “the green and kindly island that had for two decades been my home.”
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