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The Protectors

The Protectors logoThe Protectors (1971 -1972) were created and produced by Gerry Anderson, this BBC live-action series, starring Robert Vaughn from "The Man From U.N.C.L.E.", Nyree Dawn Porter (The Forsyte Saga) and Tony Anholt. Three inexplicably affluent international private detectives/troubleshooters who were charged with ensuring the protection of innocents. They belonged to an organization called The Protectors and were based in London. Harry Rule lead the group, The Contessa lived in Italy (when she wasn't working with Harry); She ran her own detective agency that specialized in exposing art frauds and recovering stolen art. Paul Buchet worked out of Paris, and was the group's researcher and gadget specialist. Adventures ranged from simple kidnapping to convoluted cases of international intrigue.

The Queen and I

The Queen and I logoFirst in a two-part documentary featuring home movie footage of the Queen and public celebrations during her reign recorded by members of the public who were there

The Reckoning

The Reckoning logoWhen harassed single Mum, Sally Wilson (Ashley Jensen) is called to the office of a swish city lawyer she never expects a “life or death” proposition. The envelope she’s given by solicitor Taylor contains a CD which, when played, reveals she’s been bequeathed £5 million! But in order to qualify for this amazing transfer of funds, Sally must first “kill a man who deserves to die.” Totally astonished and morally confused by this grisly proposition, ordinary Mum Sally confides in her ex-copper boyfriend Mark (Max Beesley) who now works as a security guard. It’s unthinkable for Sally to take another person’s life, as a former A and E nurse, whose 15 year old daughter Amanda (Sophy Stuckey) is stricken with a brain tumour. And with each day, Amanda’s condition appears...

The Return of Sherlock Holmes

The Return of Sherlock Holmes logoSeries adapted from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories, starring Jeremy Brett as the detective. See also the earlier series The ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES. Dr. Watson, finds a mystery in an empty house, while Holmes and he later solve the mysteries of an abbey grange, the Musgrave ritual, a second stain, a man with a twisted lip, the priory school, and a half-dozen plaster busts of Bonaparte.

The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes

The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes logoAnthology of detective stories set in Victorian and Edward- ian London. Rivals of Sherlock Holmes is based on the adventures of a string of fictional detectives, such as Lady Molly of Scotland Yard, Dr. Thorndyke and Carnacki. Based on Sir Hugh Greene's published anthology of stories of Sherlock Holmes' (fictional) contemporaries of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s popular character, hence the title of the show.

The Royal

The Royal logoThe Royal is a medical drama set in St Aidan's Royal Free Hospital in the sea-side town of Elsinby.

The Royal Variety Performance

The Royal Variety Performance logoThere isn't a show in the history of show-business, nor indeed in the history of television, that compares to the Royal Variety Performance; 81 shows over almost 100 years is a feat unsurpassed, and the very best in entertainment from around the globe has been presented year after year since the show's origins in 1912. The quality and diversity of legendary performers over the years is both extraordinary and breathtaking; visit our huge Archive for a full list and view the original show programmes. The Royal Variety Performance continues to thrive to this day, forming a major part of the entertainment industry's annual calendar with a worldwide TV audience of over 150 million.

The Ruth Rendell Mysteries

The Ruth Rendell Mysteries logoThe Ruth Rendell Mysteries feature the lives and investigations of Chief Inspector Reg Wexford and his assistant, Inspector Mike Burden. It is a British detective series that concentrates less on a strict adherence to police procedure and more on the psychology of murder and the interplay between the two main characters.

The Saint

The Saint logoSimon Templar is The Saint - adored by women, feared by his adversaries and a constant thorn in the side of police forces everywhere. A smooth-talking adventurer, the Saint goes in where angels fear to tread. Always where the action is, he courts danger with a smile, but his charm can sometimes be a lethal weapon. The Saint is always on a mission of mercy or intrigue, with a beautiful woman close at hand. He's Sir Lancelot without armor. A formidable enemy, an unwavering friend. (distributed world-wide by ITC)
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