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The Little House

The Little House logoThe Little House is a drama series based on the novel by Philippa Gregory. The drama follows the story of Ruth, who is married to career minded Patrick and is pushed towards the limits of her own sanity when she becomes entangled in the lives of her wealthy but interfering in-laws Elizabeth and Frederick. After falling unexpectedly pregnant, Ruth finds herself swept along on a tide of apparently well-intentioned family gestures which leave the previously independent school teacher detached from her former city life and living in ‘the little house’ at the end of her in-laws’ driveway.

The Lovers

The Lovers logoWelcome to The Lovers guide at TV Tome. <P>A comical struggle of a young couple who are so involved with the gameplay they think is expected in a relationship that despite really caring about each other they are constantly driving each other away and then getting back together again. <P>Beryl has big dreams of a white wedding to her "Geoffrey Bobbles Bon Bon" which prevents his dreams of any "Percy Filth" before marriage to get very far. Beryl's constant alternating between persuading him into marriage any way she can and fighting him off leaves Geoffrey very confused, and the only person who seems to understand any of what is going on is Beryl's ever-present mother. Despite obviously adoring each other, Geofrey always returns alone to the lifesixe Bardot cutout in his bedroo...

The Making of a Lady

The Making of a Lady logoStory of a woman who lives a life of servitude without complaint. Penniless Emily Fox Seton is saved from destitution by marrying reserved Lord Walderhurst. But it is difficult to adjust to becoming a Lady. Her new position brings wealth but inspires envy, and it is hard to know who to trust. Friends become enemies and Emily finds she is fighting for her life

The Man in Room 17

The Man in Room 17 logoRoom 17 is the secret centre of operations for the Department of Special Research, a unit set up to study the criminal mind and handle cases that have baffled the police and security services. Answerable only to the Prime Minister, the men in Room 17 pull the strings that make the undercover world dance, without even leaving the confines of their Whitehall office.

The Man who Lost his Head

The Man who Lost his Head logoMartin Clunes stars as a straight-laced museum curator who finds himself travelling to New Zealand to settle a dispute with a Maori community about an ancient carving - with unexpected consequences.

The Marriage Ref (UK)

The Marriage Ref (UK) logoThe Marriage Ref looks at real-life couples who are very much in love, but have something quirky and ridiculous that they argue about. No tiff is too absurd for the show - from a couple who bicker about the husband's desire to stuff and display his beloved dead pooch... to a wife who is fed up of her husband taking his wedding ring off every time he goes out with his mates. It's up to Dermot O'Leary and his panel of celebrities and comics to decide who's right and wrong in each of these domestic disputes - the husband or the wife. The show is described as being "packed with laughs as the guests discuss, debate and add their own personal take to each light-hearted and very funny tiff."

The Mighty Mississippi with Sir Trevor Mcdonald

The Mighty Mississippi with Sir Trevor Mcdonald logoTrevor McDonald ventures 2500 miles up the mighty Mississippi river to examine how this magnificent waterway has played a central role in the most dramatic events in American history. Trevor begins his journey in the stunning Gulf of Mexico before travelling by helicopter, boat and plane through 31 states to reach the source of the river in Northern Minnesota. Along the way he looks back through history and gives his views on the most painful chapters of life in the Deep South and sees the devastating affects of disasters both natural and man-made. Plus, he talks to people he meets along the way, including actor Morgan Freeman, who talks about life growing up in a segregated community, and one of Elvis Presley’s former girlfriends.

The Morecambe & Wise Show

The Morecambe & Wise Show logoMorecambe and Wise, described as 'the most illustrious, and the best-loved, double act that Britain has ever produced', first achieved their phenomenal television success in the early 1960s with this long-running hit series for ATV. Showcasing their mildly anarchic humour, impeccable sense of timing and keen eye for the absurd in a feast of uproarious sketches and lampoonery. Each half-hour extravaganza features fast-moving skits and musical parodies, with Eric and Ernie giving us their very own Telstar and inimitable versions of television favourites Supercar, Face to Face and Candid Camera - turning to crime with a satirical take on some of the most popular police series of the '60s. But that’s not all! They reveal their keen appreciation of Shakespeare by enacting Brutus and Cassius'...

The Motorbike Show

The Motorbike Show logoNo Description

The New Adventures of Black Beauty

The New Adventures of Black Beauty logoOne of the most beloved characters in children's literature returns to captivate a new generation. The New Adventures of Black Beauty is set in New Zealand's rugged wilderness, where Jenny (Stacy Dorning, reprising the character she played in the 1972 series The Adventures of Black Beauty) and her head strong stepdaughter Vicky (Amber McWilliams) have moved to start a new life. Into their lives gallops a magnificent wild horse that Vicky instantly falls in love with and names Black Beauty. Together, Jenny and Vicky face many challenges as they struggle to become a close knit family. Gradually Vicky earns Beauty's trust and Jenny struggles to be accepted by the locals as a female veterinarian. Beautiful scenery, colourful characters, and heart pounding adventures ma...
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