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The Jury

The Jury logoThe killing of a 15-year-old-boy rocks the nation, as a Sikh classmate of the boy's is charged with the murder. The trial, which is framed by protests and media speculation, brings together 12 jurors who find themselves having to make a decision that the entire country is waiting for. The jurors include: Charles, a young man who has left the seminary to search for his lost love; Elsie, an old lonely woman who is dying; Johnny, a recovering alcoholic; Rose, a beautiful woman whose husband is paranoid in the aftermath of a car accident; Jeremy, a once-wealthy family man who lost all his money when conned by a friend in a bad investment; Peter, who wants to be a good and impartial juror at the trial but is besieged by his wife's parents, who want to get involved; and Marcia, a single mother ...

The Jury (2011)

The Jury (2011) logoThe Jury is a compelling, character based series which focuses on the everyday people who find themselves at the centre of one of the most controversial criminal re-trials of their time. It is gripping, dark and emotionally charged and the jurors are forced to face the complexities of their own lives as they are caught up in the experiences of being a key player in such a high profile Old Bailey trial.

The Krypton Factor

The Krypton Factor logoWelcome to The Krypton Factor guide at TV Tome. Are you the perfect human being? You say yes? Well, then The Krypton Factor was the game for you. Based on the British game of the same name, this five-week summer series, which aired during the late summer of 1981, was designed to crown the ultimate human being through a series of mental and physical tests. Four contestants competed each week during the first four weeks. Five rounds were played, as thus: ¢ Round 1 The players played a video game to test eye-hand coordination. Successfully completing an announced goal was worth points, with bonus points added based on performance. ¢ Round 2 A two-part mental agility test. In the first part, host Clark read each contestant a series of letters (B, D, Q, M, S) and he/she had to repeat the s...

The Labours Of Erica

The Labours Of Erica logoErica Parsons (Brenda Blethyn) is a single mother with a 14-year-old son. As she approaches 40, she begins to feel that she hasn't achieved anything worthwhile in her life. She becomes determined to fulfil some of the ambitions she had when she was younger. Made by Thames Television for the ITV Network. Thames Television is now owned by Freemantle Media.

The Lakes With Rory McGrath

The Lakes With Rory McGrath logoThe Lakes TV series is proving a real hit and thanks to McGrath's comic touches, is entertaining as well as informative. The presenter of the TV show is perhaps best known for his work on comedy show panels, but makes the leap to the world of docu-soaps expertly, displaying a real fondness for the beautiful landscape and back-to-nature lifestyle of the Lake District.

The Last Detective

The Last Detective logoThe Last Detective is a police drama with a slant towards the self relevatory in D.C. "Dangerous" Davies (Peter Davison), a detective on the streets of Willesden with heart and some self doubts, and his interactions with his "sidekick", Mod (Sean Hughes), his tough boss Yardley (David Troughton) and his struggle with a marriage gone wrong. Flashes of humor pepper this police drama based on Leslie Thomas' series of novels. Nicknamed "Dangerous" because of his rather plodding and straight forward style, Davies none the less uncovers the solution to the crime through astute detective work. The focus being a bit more on what is happening in his "Dangerous" life as he does proceeds with his job to the end.

The Last Train

The Last Train logoThe Last Train was a gripping six part post-holocaust drama series made by Granada Television. The plot concerns the survivors of a catastrophe (namely the Earth being hit by a giant meteorite) who were cryogenically frozen in a railway carriage, due to the actions of a scientist called Harriet Ambrose (Nicola Walker). The series follows their adventures in the devastated new world, where everything they had known is now dead and gone. Harriet leads the group and insists they must reach 'Ark' to find help. Other principal characters included Amita Dhiri ('Milly' in This Life) as mother of two - Jandra, Christopher Fulford as impulsive Ian Hart, Treva Etienne as bad boy and former criminal Mick Sizer and Zoe Telford as the sensible Roe Germaine.The series was very popular and was repeated ...

The Last Weekend

The Last Weekend logoSuccessful barrister Ollie Moreton invites old college friend Ian Goade, a primary school teacher, to visit him for an August bank holiday at his country home in Suffolk. Ollie and Ian, along with their wives, Daisy and Em, have a shared past and during the course of the weekend, old seething rivalries and sexual tensions reach dangerous levels.

The Legends of Treasure Island

The Legends of Treasure Island logoThe retelling of Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island. The story takes place in a darker yet more mysterious and magical Treasure Island, with new friends, foes and plots.

The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby (2001)

The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby (2001) logoNicholas Nickleby is an impoverished young man making his way in life in the cruel and unjust world of early Victorian England. His good looks, kind heart and gentlemanly manner are fine qualities but will they be enough for what awaits him?
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