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The Clive James Collection

The Clive James Collection logoA collection of eclectic and pioneering specials from Australia's intrepid writer/documentarian

The Cloning Of Joanna May

The Cloning Of Joanna May logoBased on the 1989 science fiction novel by Fay Weldon

The Comedians

The Comedians logoBorn out of the working men's clubs, this quick fire stand up comedy show will always be remembered as a classic. If you didn't think a particular joke was funny, the likes of Bernard Manning, Colin Crompton, Ken Goodwin or George Roper would be next on, to deliver another. Some people moan that the jokes were (what are now deemed to be) politically incorrect, but when the coloured comedian Charlie Williams parodies himself, that is what humour is all about, we can laugh at ourselves and at each other, as well as them laughing at us. Now though the PC brigade seem to think everything is ageist, racist, sexist, weightist, classist, mycarisbetterthanyourcar-ist. Bring back the comedians

The Comedy Annual

The Comedy Annual logoSome of the biggest names in British comedy come together to take a look back at the year.

The Corridor People

The Corridor People logoA surreal series in the mould of 'The Avengers', 'The Corridor People' ran for only four episodes yet has garnered some considerable cult devotion. A host of unlikely characters include Kronk, a paternal CID agent, his henchmen Inspector Blood and Sergeant Hound, and American, Bogart-worshipping private eye Phil Scrotty; each episode sees them pitched against the avaricious schems of Syrie Van Epp, a beautiful, treacherous Persian millionairess. Made by Granada Television for the ITV Network.

The Cube

The Cube logoNo Description

The Cuckoo Waltz

The Cuckoo Waltz logoShow Genre: Sitcom First Telecast: October 27, 1980 Last Telecast: August 7, 1985 Episodes: 26 Episodes (All Colour) If not quite three-in-a-bed, this Granada sitcom cast three-in-a-bedsit, with newly-weds Chris and 'Fliss' (Felicity) Hawthorne sharing their sparsely furnished Chorlton-cum-Hardy accommodation with a lodger, Gavin, who calls himself Chris's best friend. The trouble is, while Chris is a young northern newspaper reporter, typing his fingers to the bone to pay off the mortgage, and living with his pretty bride - who has delivered them twins - with little more than two pennies to rub together, Gavin is a wealthy young air-freight executive used to the luxury life and lavish spending sprees. Forced to leave his matrimonial home when he splits from his wife Carol, Gavin moves his...

The Dales

The Dales logoObservational documentary series with Adrian Edmondson

The Dame Edna Treatment

The Dame Edna Treatment logoThe Dame Edna Treatment is a British talk show starring Barry Humphries as Dame Edna Everage and Sir Les Patterson. It airs on Saturday nights on ITV at various times. It is set in Dame Edna's health-spa, where her celebrity guests have come for some "treatment".

The Darling Buds of May

The Darling Buds of May logo"The Darling Buds of May" paints an idyllic picture of 1950's rural England as seen through the lives of the Larkins, a farm family living in Kent. The show revolves around Pa Larkin (David Mason), a man of a kind and mischievous nature with a penchant for getting into scrapes and talking his way out of them with equal equanimity; and his daughters (including Catherine Zeta-Jones, in the role that launched her career), as they deal with growing up and discovering the joys and sorrows of young love.
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