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T-Bag Strikes Again

T-Bag Strikes Again logoT-Bag has taken up home in the Magic Garden story in a story book in the curiousity shop. T-Bag has stopped the stories finishing by scattering the silver numbers from the Town Clock in the first story meaning good will never triump over evil and she will never be destroyed. Thomas gets kidnapped by T-Bag to be her T-Caddy, T-Shirt, to brew her evil cups of tea from her new T-Plant. Debbie hears the cries of the Town Crier and thinks small to get into the book to help. She sets off through out the stories to collect all the silver numbers to get the clock working to destroy T-Bag! If you want to learn more about this and other series please visit The High-T Website.

Take a Letter Mr Jones

Take a Letter Mr Jones logoThis series follows the misadventures of Joan Warner, a top business executive as she battles the sexual politics of big business and the general ineptness of her staff. She is aided in her struggle to balance motherhood, her career and her "mad Italian maid" by her faithful male secretary Graham Jones.

Take Me Out

Take Me Out logoTake Me Out is a dating show presented by Paddy McGuinness. The show him playing matchmaker to 30 single women all of which are hoping to meet the man of their dreams. Different single men have to try and impress the women as they watch and the ladies can press a light to give their views on what they have seen.

Take That: Look Back, Don’t Stare

Take That: Look Back, Don’t Stare logoIn this amazingly candid documentary TakeThat: Look Back, Don’t Stare, the band let cameras follow them for the past extraordinary 12 months to reveal the real story on how they got back into each other’s lives and back into the recording studio

Take the High Road

Take the High Road logoWelcome to the Take the High Road guide at TV Tome. Set in the fictious Scottish village of Glendarroch. This initially twice-weekly, then weekly drama told the stories of the people who lived and worked in the village and its' surrounding areas. The show's name was shortened to "High Road" in 1995.

Tales Of The Unexpected

Tales Of The Unexpected logoThis collection of twist-in-the-tail stories of suspense, horror and black comedy (many of them by Roald Dahl) was filmed by Anglia Television, a regional production company in the East of England. Each episode stands alone and has its own cast, and for two seasons each was introduced by Dahl himself from a fireside arm-chair. Tales of the Unexpected was an instant hit, and in the UK it is still being repeated on Granada Plus. The series was sold to more than seventy other countries.

Teenage Kicks

Teenage Kicks logoDuring the last two decades, aging punk rocker Vernon, has spent much of his time in the pub whilst living off his high-flying wife! Now, following a particularly nasty divorce, middle-aged divorcée Vernon moves into the student accommodation with his teenage kids, much to their disgust and dismay, in order to carry on living his rebellious (so he thinks) lifestyle.

Ten Mile Menu

Ten Mile Menu logoSeries in which two teams are challenged to source and serve a three-course meal using only produce from within a ten mile radius. Each team is made up of a professional chef and a celebrity cooking novice, and together they have to win over a group of uncompromising local judges.

Tess of the D'Urbervilles (1998)

Tess of the D'Urbervilles (1998) logoThis made-for-T.V. movie is based very closely on Thomas Hardy's novel. The film stars Teresa "Tess" Derbeyfield, the sinister Alec D'Urbervilles, and the handsome Angel Clair, with the bleak background of rural Victorian England. Follow Tess through her life, starting as a young and naive sixteen-year-old who knows nothing of the world outside her own home. Follow her as she meets people in her search for job that will change her life forever. When she goes to work for a distant relative, Alec, he falls in love with her and seduces her. When she flees to work as a farmhand, she thought she would escape her troubles and have a chance at happiness. There she falls in love with Angel, and he with her. Watch as a dark love story unfolds between an unlikely couple and how poor Tess deals with ...

Thank God You're Here (UK)

Thank God You're Here (UK) logoThank God You're Here is a partially improvised comedy, based on the Australian version of the show with the same name. In the show, four guests are placed into a scene they have no knowledge about and have to improvise. The series is hosted by Paul Merton, who also acts as judge and performs his own improvised scene.
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