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An Audience With

An Audience With logoAn Audience with... (usually followed by the name of the featured comedian or singer) is a popular British variety television programme produced by ITV London (formerly London Weekend Television) and traditionally broadcast on Saturday nights. The first episode was An Audience with Jasper Carrott in 1978

An Audience With Jasper Carrott

An Audience With Jasper Carrott logoIn thirty-minutes of relentless stand-up punctuated by the occasional song, Carrott rants about everything from Spaghetti Junction to the Jersey constabulary, medicals to Monty Python... and famously introduces the word 'zit' into the English vocabulary.

And Mother Makes Three

And Mother Makes Three logoNewly widowed mother Sally Harrison is trying to hold down a job as an assistant to Mr Campbell, a vet. Her children are Simon and Peter, and her aunt Flo tries to help. She has an occasional love interest in the form of antique bookseller, widower David Redway, who has a daughter Jane.

Anna Lee

Anna Lee logoA young British policewoman encounters so much sexism and bureaucracy that she decides to leave the department and become a private detective. Based on the novels by Liza Cody.

Another Bouquet

Another Bouquet logoA Bouquet of Barbed Wire and Another Bouquet were two of the most shocking and controversial series of the 1970s. Both focus on the sexual tensions and jealousies that destroy a wealthy, middle-class family. The series' notoriety from their main theme: the fallout from a father's incestuous infatuation with his own daughter. They also provoked controversy because of their graphic depiction of other dark aspects of sexuality.

Ant & Dec's Push The Button

Ant & Dec's Push The Button logoAnt and Dec present a brand new gameshow in which two families battle it out to take home a big cash prize. The teams face a series of hilarious games, unexpected challenges and silly costumes. Each family starts with 100,000 pounds, and the games are designed to chip away at their pot. The only way they can stop their money slipping away is to Push the Button.

Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway

Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway logoLight entertainment show hosted by Ant and Dec.

Appropriate Adult

Appropriate Adult logoDrama telling the story of how serial killers Fred and Rosemary West were brought to justice. In 1994 the life of Gloucestershire voluntary worker Janet Leach is turned upside down when she is asked by police to sit in on interviews as an independent safeguard on behalf of a man they have arrested. Within minutes he makes a shocking confession of murder. From then on she is drawn into the centre of the investigation and a complex personal relationship with West, who tells her information about other victims that she cannot pass on to the authorities because of her obligation of confidentiality to him.

Armchair Thriller

Armchair Thriller logoArmchair Thriller is a British television programme, broadcast on ITV in two series in 1978 and 1980. The series was based on the Armchair Theatre format with scripts adapted from published novels and stories. Although not properly a horror series it included several supernatural elements. Armchair Thriller was produced by Thames Television, but it included serials made by Southern Television. The format was of a twice weekly 25 minute episodes, usually screened on a Tuesday or Thursday at 20:00-21:00.

Art Attack

Art Attack logoArt Attack is a British children's television series revolving around art. The brand new series launched on Disney Junior (UK & Ireland) on June 6th 2011 and is presented by Jassa Ahluwalia. Each show involves Jassa producing three works of art, taking the viewer through the various stages of production step by step. The original series was one of ITV's longest running programmes, running from 1990 to 2007, and was presented throughout by Neil Buchanan.
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