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Outside Edge

Outside Edge logoRoger Dervish (Robert Daws) is the pompous captain of a minor Sunday League cricket team. He likes to think of himself as the 'driving force' behind the team, yet he isn't really much good at organisation. Most of the real work is actually done by Roger's ever-efficient, long-suffering wife, Miriam (Brenda Blethyn). Kevin Costello (Timothy Spall) is a bit of a slob. He's also probably the nearest thing Roger has to a friend. Kevin is married to the lovely Maggie (Josie Lawrence), a very outgoing, affectionate woman. She adores Kevin and has a seemingly insatiable appetite for sex (as long as it's with Kevin). This programme was based on Richard Harris's stage play, which had previously been televised in 1982 (with Paul Eddington as Roger, Prunella Scales as Miriam, Jonathan Lynn as Ke...

Ox Tales

Ox Tales logoThe plot follows the adventures of Ollie the Ox as he run The Funny Farm, containing possibly every creature known, with his best friend Jack the Turtle whilst narrated by a sarcastic Toucan.


Parkinson logoMichael Parkinson was a showbiz veteran on BBC 1 hosting his talk show. After his first few series he had already interviewed many a star from the time and had built up a fan base. People liked his interviewing technique where he would take a step back and let the guest (s) say what they wanted to say. Although Michael began to be unhappy, after his Saturday 9pm slot kept having to be changed because of the football. So ITV decided to make him an offer he couldn't refuse, he would be able to continue his famous talk show, at his normal slot yet on ITV1. He agreed. Parkinson has just finished his second ITV series, and has interviewed such stars as Lauren Bacall and Bob Geldoff. With rumours afoot that he could possibly be hosting a special interview with the latest royal couple Charles & C...

Pathfinders to Mars

Pathfinders to Mars logoOne of ITV's earliest dramas written specifically for children and a precursor to the development of Doctor Who. Pathfinders to Mars is the second of three series; the others were Pathfinders in Space and Pathfinders to Venus.

Paul O'Grady: For the Love of Dogs

Paul O'Grady: For the Love of Dogs logoPaul O'Grady: For the Love of Dogs is a British documentary in which comedian Paul O'Grady follows the work of Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. In each episode the cameras follow Paul as he leaves his home to help rehome some of Battersea's Dogs.

Penn & Teller: Fool Us

Penn & Teller: Fool Us logoITV1's new 6 part TV series following the January 7th special, due to air during 2011.

Perfect Scoundrels

Perfect Scoundrels logoThe exploits and adventures of Harry Cassidy and Guy Buchanan in their never ending desire to make a quick buck. These confidence tricksters have their good and bad sides, and sometimes end up doing good for others.


Perspectives logoA brand new documentary strand comes to ITV1, bringing together powerful stories and a unique insight into various subjects from a range of individual sources. Perspectives encompasses single factual films from a variety of film-makers and, on occasion, presenters, who delve deeper into the stories they are passionate about.

Piece of Cake

Piece of Cake logoPiece of Cake is a six part 1988 television series, depicting the life of a Royal Air Force fighter squadron from the day of the British entry into World War II through to one of the toughest days in the Battle of Britain (7 September 1940). The series was produced by Holmes Associates for London Weekend Television.

Piers Morgan On...

Piers Morgan On... logoPiers Morgan acts as an access-all-areas VIP pass to some of the most glamorous locations in the world. Getting under the skin of Dubai, Monte Carlo and Hollywood, Piers takes viewers with him on a journey that offers a rare insight into the hotspots, people and extremes of three of the most desirable places on the planet.
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