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Odd Man Out (1977)

Odd Man Out (1977) logoAfter rising to stardom in the unforgettable role of Mr Humphries in the BBC's Are You Being Served?, John Inman starred in this ITV sitcom as Neville Sutcliffe, the owner of a Blackpool chippy who relocates to Sussex, where he has inherited his late father's seaside-rock factory... and rapidly finds he's bitten off more than he can chew! Produced by Carry On veteran Gerald Thomas, this complete series also features sitcom favourite Josephine Tewson as Neville's less than welcoming step-sister - who has inherited the other half of the ailing business - with guest appearances by, among others, Allan Cuthbertson, Victor Maddern and David Lodge.

Off the Beaten Track

Off the Beaten Track logoSeries encouraging viewers to explore Northern Ireland's countryside through a series of walks.

Oh No It's Selwyn Froggitt

Oh No It's Selwyn Froggitt logoPopular TV series starring Bill Maynard, one of the most prolific character actors on British television, who here played an inept handyman whose self-confidence is tragically misplaced as he stumbles from one disaster to the next with hopeless ineptitude, but always with a smile on his face and a trademark thumbs up accompanied by a cry of ‘Magic!’

Olly the Little White Van

Olly the Little White Van logoAnimated series featuring the adventures of a little white van called Olly and his driver Stan.
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On The Buses

On The Buses logoWelcome to the On the Buses guide at TV Tome. Stan Butler works as a bus driver for the Luxton & District Bus Company. He lives at home with his overbearing mother, his frumpy sister Olive and his lazy brother in law Arthur. Stan's route is the number 11 to the Cemetary Gates which he works with his conductor Jack. Stan and Jack have an eye for the ladies and are often found chatting up either the 'clippies' (female bus conductors) or the canteen staff. The bane of Stan's life is Inspector 'Blakey' Blake who is often checking up of them and threatening them with the sack for lateness and untidyness. His catchphrase is "I 'ate you Butler!". The last series saw Stan leave Luxton for a job at a car factory 'up north'. Blakey then moved in to the Butler's house as a lodger and he focused h...

On the Edge

On the Edge logoWelcome to the On the Edge guide at TV Tome. There is no editor for this show. If you would like to be the editor look here for details.

One Night Only

One Night Only logoFor One Night Only is presented by two different hosts each week and they are joined by different music and comedy acts.

Only Human

Only Human logoOnly Human is a documentary shown on ITV in the UK giving an insight into daily lives of people with various disabilities and special needs, as well as various other illnesses such as cancer and weight issues.

Only When I Laugh

Only When I Laugh logoJames Bolam plays Roy Figgis, a long-term NHS hospital bed occupant. Archie Glover (Peter Bowles) and Norman Binns (Christopher Strauli) are his ward mates, all suffering from extreme cases of hypchondria. Despite being apparently 'ill', the three don't just get themselves into trouble, but seem to have difficulty behaving. Richard Wilson plays Dr Gordon Thorpe, and Derrick Branche is Gupte, the ward orderly, who are both the bane of the three's lives, and they the bane of theirs.


Out logoFrank Ross returns from an eight-year prison sentence for a robbery that was thwarted because somebody 'grassed' the gang. Nobody knows who put the finger on him, but Ross is determined to find out and seeks revenge on those who betrayed him. Little by little, Ross pieces together the trail that leads to a dramatic conclusion.
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