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Military Driving School

Military Driving School logoJeremy Kyle joins the team at the Defence School of Transport in Leconfield, East Yorkshire, the largest, toughest driving school in the world. It’s here that every driver deployed in Afghanistan is trained and the skills learned in training help save lives on the front line. Over the course of 12 weeks Jeremy follows a group of trainees learning to drive for the first time and a group of experienced soldiers who are learning to drive highly specialist vehicles ready for Afghanistan. The series follows servicemen and women at all levels - from teenage soldiers straight out of basic training, to battle hardened veterans coming back for extra training, Throughout the series Jeremy experiences just what is involved in the training and takes part in exercises including driving a landrover on...

Mind Your Language

Mind Your Language logoBarry Evans stars as Jeremy Brown trying to teach English to a class of mixed nationality students. The first series had 13 episodes and was broadcast between December 1977 until March 1978. The second series had only 8 episodes & aired from October 1978 until November 1978. The third and final series of 8 episodes aired between October 1979 & December 1979. Seven years later in 1986 a fourth series of 13 episodes of Mind Your Language was broadcast, this series was only broadcast to a small area in England & is the least seen of all the episodes. To my knowledge the 4th season of the show was never seen in Australia. (Apparently the fourth and final season was seen in Australia in 1987 or 88.) The Best of Mind Your Language episodes are available on Video from Blackstar.co.u...


Minder logoThis comedy drama series featured Terry McCann, a former boxer with a conviction for G.B.H., and Arthur Daley, a second-hand car dealer with an eye for a nice little earner. Alongside his many business schems, Arthur would regularly hire Terry out as a minder or bodyguard.

Mine All Mine

Mine All Mine logoWelcome to the Mine All Mine guide at TV Tome. From the writer and creator of shows such as Queer As Folk (UK), Bob & Rose and The Second Coming comes the story of the Vivaldi family, who find their whole lives changing when they inherit the city of Swansea. There's Max, the head of the Vivaldi family who is always implementing one failed scheme after another until he finds himself the owner of his home town. Then there is his much put-upon wife Val, who has been secretly having an affair with the Egg Man Sam. And then there are Max and Val's three children. Eldest daughter Maria who has a wayward boyfriend named Gethin, pop-star aspiring younger daughter Candy and gay teenage-enterprising son Leo. Mine All Mine is produced by RED Production Company and looks at just what happens when...

Mister Eleven

Mister Eleven logoMichelle Ryan plays a maths-obsessed teacher called Saz who's torn between her new husband (her eleventh sexual partner) and another man.

Monday Monday

Monday Monday logoMonday Monday is an ITV comedy drama. It stars Fay Ripley, Jenny Agutter, Neil Stuke, Holly Aird, Morven Christie and Tom Ellis. It is set in the head office of a supermarket that has fallen on hard times and had to re-locate its staff from London to Leeds.[2] The show was initially announced as part of ITV's Winter 2007 press pack, but was "iced" until 2009 due to falling advertising in the wake of the economic downturn


Monroe logoMonroe is a brilliant and unusual neurosurgeon. A flawed genius who never lets anyone forget his flaws or his genius. Each episode will feature one compelling story of the week about life or death situations. The drama will focus on the way in which a serious injury or disease cuts across the lives of everyone involved, from hospital staff to patients to relatives. And how that group become, in an intense few days, a reluctant dysfunctional family united by hopes, fears and grief. At the centre of this stands Monroe, his trainees, his anaesthetist and his poker school - and his female colleague, heart surgeon, Jenny Bremner, who has contempt for his cockiness. The series will tell heightened emotional stories and be shot through with dark humour and portray the pressures and pleasures o...

Monte Carlo or Bust

Monte Carlo or Bust logoThree couples hit the road on a mad-cap jaunt from London to Monte Carlo to discover the genius, glory and grub of France in this brand-new series for ITV1. Paired up to embark on this travel adventure are Jack Dee and Ade Edmondson, in a VW camper van, Jodie Kidd and Julian Clary, in a Bentley convertible and Penny Smith and Rory McGrath, in a union jack bedecked Mini Cooper. But this is no simple holiday; the couples are in competition to get under the skin of France and discover what makes our closest neighbour tick. As their journeys unfold taking in the stunning French countryside, winding around breath-taking mountains and cruising along the coastal roads the couples are tasked with collecting a total of three items that best represent the head, heart and stomach of each of the r...

Moving Wallpaper

Moving Wallpaper logoMoving Wallpaper is a behind-the-scenes comedy which follows Echo Beach's fictional producer Jonathan Pope (Ben Miller) and the team at Echo Beach Productions, where the army of executives, crew and publicists behind the soap will be taken to the brink of insanity by their irrepressible producer.

Mr Palfrey of Westminster

Mr Palfrey of Westminster logoThe situation is of a very small department under the indirect control of an unnamed English female prime minister (who could that be?). This department tackles Mission Impossible-style tasks that cannot be carried out by official means, but they do it with a staff of three (Mr. Palfrey, his secretary and his side-kick) and no high-tech gizmos or budget. How do they do it? Their "dirty tricks" are way more tricky than dirty. Both their subjects and their audience are taken on a ride, often with a surprise ending. Mr. Palfrey's mastery of psychology saves the day.
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