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Married for Life

Married for Life logoIn 1996, the UK production company Carlton Television produced Married for Life, a seven-episode sitcom that lasted one series. It was a remake of the American sitcom Married... with Children The Bundys were renamed as the Butlers, Russ Abbot played Ted/Al, Susan Kydd was Pam/Peggy, Lucy Blakely played Nikki/Kelly, and Peter England was Lee/Bud. The D'Arcys were renamed Hollingsworth and the Steve character was recast with Hugh Bonneville and Marcy was renamed Judy and played by Julie Dawn Cole.

Married Single Other

Married Single Other logoMarried Single Other is a romantic comedy drama series featuring three very different couples who are all connected to each other in some way. Each of the couples are at different stages in their relationships.

Martin Clunes: Horsepower

Martin Clunes: Horsepower logoMartin Clunes travels the world to unlock the secrets of man's partnership with horses in Horsepower. His fascinating journey takes him from remotest Mongolia to the deserts of Arabia; to see the enigmatic wild Mustangs in Nevada, and watch the thrills and spills of rodeo in Las Vegas.

Martin Clunes: Islands Of Britain

Martin Clunes: Islands Of Britain logoMartin Clunes travels around Britain visiting a series of small islands, taking in their scenic views, discovering their history and finding out how the progress of technology has affected the people who live on them.
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Martin Clunes: Man to Manta

Martin Clunes: Man to Manta logoThe actor goes on a quest to fulfil his ambition to swim with giant manta rays. His journey starts in the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean, before he moves on to an aquarium in the American state of Georgia. In Ecuador he meets ray expert Dr Andrea Marshall, and in Sri Lanka finds out that the creatures are being hunted by fishermen because of the use of their gills in Chinese medicine. Martin's dream finally comes true when he travels to the Maldives in the Indian Ocean and swims with 40 feeding mantas

May Contain Nuts (2009)

May Contain Nuts (2009) logoFamily moves to a gated community.

Me and My Girl

Me and My Girl logoSimon Harrap (Richard O'Sullivan) is a widower faced with the challenge of raising his adolescent daughter Samantha (Joanne Ridley). Simon runs an advertising agency called Eyecatchers. The series centres around his relationship with his daughter, his business partner Derek Yates (Tim Brooke-Taylor) and a string of romantic liaisons.

Midnight Man

Midnight Man logoDisgraced journalist Max Raban is reduced to raking though bins for celebrity stories, a thankless task that suits him because of his phobia of daylight. His condition has already driven his wife and daughter away and he's desperate for a real story. When he uncovers the murder of two Iranian cousins, Max starts to suspect that there is a death squad at work, targeting pro-Islamists and backed by an organisation bent on waging perpetual war. Is Max an investigative journalist at last?

Midsomer Murders

Midsomer Murders logoThis charming English crime series, based on books by Caroline Graham, follows Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby (John Nettles) , a laconic, down-to-earth detective who faces many ingenious and remarkable murders amid the eccentric denizens of a ficticious 'Middle England' county (Midsomer).

Mike and Angelo

Mike and Angelo logoNo Description
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