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Inspector Wexford

Inspector Wexford logoGeorge Baker plays DCI Reg Wexford in this series based on the crime novels by Ruth Rendell. He is ably assisted by Insp. Mike Burden (Christopher Ravenscroft). Together they solve murders and other crimes in the (fictional) town of Kingsmarkham.

Into the Labyrinth

Into the Labyrinth logoThree children stumble upon the imprisoned sorcerer Rothgo and are drawn into a mysterious search through time for the magical Nidus which has been stolen by the evil witch Belor.

Island at War

Island at War logoWelcome to the Island at War guide at TV Tome. Island at War is set on the fictitious Channel Island of Saint Gregory's during the Second World War. It tells the story of how three families are affected by German invasion.

It'll be Alright on the Night

It'll be Alright on the Night logoDennis Norden and his clipboard present a range of outtakes from television shows from the past five decades.
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It's Tommy Cooper

It's Tommy Cooper logoOne of the original TV comedians and still classic, voted one of the best comedians of all time. He had a glittering team of writers and had some great special guests for the time. His original and unique delivery and approach to simple prop based and one-liner comedy has been the envy of many modern day comedians. This series was produced by London Weekend Television and subsequently exported around the world.

ITV Documentaries

ITV Documentaries logoDocumentaries broadcast on ITV.

ITV Playhouse

ITV Playhouse logoITV Playhouse was a UK comedy and drama series that ran from 1967 to 1983, which featured contributions from playwrights such as Dennis Potter, Rhys Adrian and Alan Sharp. The series began in black and white, but was later shot in colour and was produced by various companies for the ITV Network, a format that would inspire Dramarama (TV series). Actors appearing in the series included Leslie Anderson, David Daker, Gwen Nelson, Ricky Alleyne, Pat Heywood, Michael Elphick, Ian Hendry, Edward Woodward, Margaret Lockwood, Jessie Matthews and Lloyd Peters.

Jack the Ripper (1988)

Jack the Ripper (1988) logoDuring the latter half of 1888 a notorious serial killer Jack The Ripper terrorises London by murdering prostitutes in a terribly violent way. Inspector Frederick Abberline is assigned to the case but finds that it is not just a simple murder enquiry.

Jamie And The Magic Torch

Jamie And The Magic Torch logoWhen Jamie shines his Magic Torch on the floor of his bedroom a hole appears, leading Jamie and Wordsworth the sheepdog to the psychedelic fantasy world of Cuckooland.

Jason King

Jason King logoWelcome to the Jason King guide at TV Tome. Jason King is a crime drama spin-off series from the popular ITC series Department S, Jason King starred Peter Wyngarde as the flamboyant playboy investigator and author of his own fictional detective Mark Caine. Forced into working for the government over tax evasion charges by Sir Brian, and his assistant Ryland, King set out on a series of adventures that were more down to earth than his Department S cases. However, it didn't stop him from enjoying an extravagant lifestyle which necessitated fast cars, foriegn travel and a bevvy of beautiful girls. His publisher is the beautiful Nicola Harvester.
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