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Holiday Showdown

Holiday Showdown logoIn Holiday Showdown two families with polar opposite views of what makes a great family holiday are sent off to swap holidays for one week each – together! In week one everyone lives by the rules of Family One; in week two the tables are turned and Family Two takes charge as they both embark on a very different vacation. At the end of the two weeks both families come together for a Holiday Showdown Last Supper to give their full and frank views on their experiences. Whether its a family who enjoy hedonistic clubbing/beach holidays in Cancun, with a Christian family who use their holidays to do charity work in villages in Ghana, or a family of beach-bums who go to the Costa del Sol with a horsey family who go riding in the Sierra Nevada, Holiday Showdown makes for fascinating and entert...

Holiday With Strings

Holiday With Strings logoLes Dawson decides to book the cheapest possible holiday with his local travel agent and is still amazed at the no frills service. Guest stars include Mollie Sugden & Frank Thornton from 'Are You Being Served' fame and Patricia Hayes. The one off show was made by Yorkshire Television for the ITV Network.

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Home Is Where the Heart Is logoThis new three part series sees four very different celebrity households invite homeless people to stay with them for two weeks. Anneka Rice, chef Aldo Zilli, designers Colin and Justin and Britpop legend Alex James have all agreed to take a homeless person off the streets and into their homes. Assisted by homelessness experts, they’ll discover if they have the skills to become mentors and work with their guests to improve their situations and help their guests re-engage with mainstream society after they leave their homes.

Home James!

Home James! logoJim Davidson starred as chauffeur Jim London. Jim drives for businessman Robert Palmer, and often finds himself in trouble.
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Home to Roost

Home to Roost logoHenry Willows is a middle-aged divorcee contentedly living alone. Feathers really fly as his orderly life is disrupted when his teenage son Matthew, whom he has not seen for seven years, appears out of the blue, intending to stay. While Henry has never quite seen himself as the typical loving parent, he reluctantly agrees to give the arrangement a try. The differences in age and temperament between father and son produce hilarious situations as they attempt to adjust to life together. Matthew is a typical teenager who likes rock music, girls, telling lies and drinking his father's whiskey. From the moment he moves in, life for poor Henry will never be the same.

Homes from Hell

Homes from Hell logoHomes From Hell, the documentary series detailing often horrendous stories of people’s property problems.

Hope It Rains

Hope It Rains logoHarry Nash (Tom Bell) is the proprietor of a waxworks in a rundown seaside resort. He has to struggle to make ends meet, but he manages to get by somehow. Suddenly, Harry finds himself having to cope with his god-daughter Jace Elliott (Holly Aird), who comes to stay with him after the death of her parents. Harry is a morose, self-contained individual, while Jace is a hard-bitten, abrasive young lady from a tough neighbourhood. The two take an instant dislike to one another, but have to find ways to coexist

Horatio Hornblower

Horatio Hornblower logoThe epic saga of legendary seafaring hero Horatio Hornblower (powerfully portrayed by Ioan Gruffud) comes to swashbuckling life in these epic films based on C.S. Forester's classic novels. As the Napoleonic wars rage, Hornblower survives battle after battle, evades capture, and works his way up the ranks in the king's royal navy. With danger at every turn and unending adventures, Hornblower must use every ounce of his wit and courage to prevail.

Horrid Henry

Horrid Henry logoNo Description

Hot Metal

Hot Metal logoTwiggy Rathbone, newspaper tycoon and owner of Rathouse International, relaunches his 'Daily Crucible' newspaper to a completely downmarket, sex and sleaze-centric tabloid - much to the dismay of the outgoing editor, Harry Stringer.
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