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Heartbeat logoHeartbeat is set in the 1960s, in the fictional Yorkshire town of Aidensfield. The first seasons focus on the lives of London policeman Nick Rowan, who moves to the village with his doctor wife Kate. Nick's police colleagues feature in the series, under the leadership of the crusty but kindhearted Sergeant Blaketon. Blaketon's nemesis is Claude Jeremiah Greengrass, poacher and occasional small-time fence. Greengrass is a regular patron of the Aidensfield Arms hotel, run by George Ward and his pretty niece Gina. It's here at the pub that we see much of the day-to-day social interaction in the series. Heartbeat is based on the Constable books by Nicholas Rhea. There have been a load of Heartbeat coppers over the years. They are listed below: Sgt. Oscar Blackton PC. Alf Ventress PC. Ph...

Helen West

Helen West logoAmanda Burton plays Helen West, a crusading senior prosecutor with the Crown Prosecution Service. Helen's life is complicated by her ongoing affair with a senior police officer (Connor Mullan). This miniseries of three episodes was based on the novels of Frances Fyfield.

Hell's Kitchen (UK)

Hell's Kitchen (UK) logoHell's Kitchen is a British cookery reality show airing on ITV which features prospective chefs competing with each other for a final prize. Four series have aired since 2004, three presented by Angus Deayton and the latest by Claudia Winkleman. The show has had different formats and different head chefs for each season so far, including Gordon Ramsay, Gary Rhodes, Jean-Christophe Novelli and Marco Pierre White.

Help Your Self

Help Your Self logoA comical review of some of the dreadful and cringe-worthy Self-help Videos which have been released since Home Video first began.
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HELP! I'm a Teenage Outlaw

HELP! I'm a Teenage Outlaw logoWhen 12-year old Tom York's mother dies, he discovers that she was the wild and daring highwayman Swiftnick a title which now passes to him. Tom loves the fame and glory that come with the title ˜Swiftnick', but isn't so keen on the dangerous highway stuff. Tom's vanity is coupled with an overblown sense of his ability as a highwayman: his vanity and over-confidence regularly land his gang in trouble.

Henry VIII (2003)

Henry VIII (2003) logoWedded bliss didn't come easily to England's most infamous serial husband, Henry VIII. Desperate for a male heir, Henry (Ray Winstone) married then tossed aside a succession of wives that included Katherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn (Helena Bonham-Carter), Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Katherine Howard (Emily Blunt) and finally Katherine Parr. Sexual intrigue and twisted rivalry were the hallmarks of Henry's reign. First aired on British television.

Her Majesty's Prison: Aylesbury

Her Majesty's Prison: Aylesbury logoAylesbury Prison in Buckinghamshire, home to some of the most dangerous young criminals in Britain, has allowed an exclusive insight into life for prisoners and staff for a new documentary series on ITV- Her Majesty’s Prison: Aylesbury. Murderers, rapists, gangsters and paedophiles are serving time here. So serious are some of their offences, that one in five is serving life or an indeterminate sentence to protect the public. What’s frightening is that the oldest prisoners are just 21. Officers engage in a daily battle of wits, to ensure they keep control. They must also try to help rebuild the fractured lives of these young men. Programme makers, Wild Pictures, who have won acclaim for powerful documentaries on Strangeways, Holloway and Wormwood Scrubs prisons, were given extraordi...

High Stakes

High Stakes logoWelcome to the HighStakes guide at TV Tome.

Hilltop Hospital

Hilltop Hospital logoHilltop Hospital is an claymation childrens television programme made in 1999. It is about a hospital staffed by animals with mainly young animals as patients. Regular characters include: Dr. Matthews, a dog, who seeks the romantic attention of Surgeon Sally. Nurse Kitty, a cat, who seeks the romantic attention of Dr. Matthews, who for the most part does not notice. Surgeon Sally, a hippo, a workaholic surgeon who has no time for Dr Matthews' attention. Clare and Arthur, two rats, who provide technical and laboratory services. Dr Atticus, a tortoise, the anesthetist who often is sleeping. The two Teds, two identical twin bears, who drive the hospital ambulance and work as orderlies.

Hit Me Baby One More Time (UK)

Hit Me Baby One More Time (UK) logoVeteran hit makers compete head to head in a fierce singing battle live! Competitors perform the hits that made them stars, and then a cover of one of today's hit songs. The winner is decided by viewer votes and the top artists from each week go on to compete against each other in the show finale. Hosted by Vernon Kay.
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