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French Fields

French Fields logoIn this sequel to Fresh Fields, William is headhunted by a French accountancy firm, and he and Hester decide to emigrate to France, at least temporarily. They soon discover that more divides the British and the French than the English Channel.

Fresh Fields

Fresh Fields logoWilliam and Hester Fields have been very happily married for twenty years. Their children have flown the nest and Hester thinks there are a still few things left to do between now and the pension book. With a renewed zest for life and a fresh dynamism in their relationship, she insists that the couple take up a number of new pastimes and challenges even if William sometimes lacks his wife s enthusiasm and seemingly boundless energy. Starring Anton Rodgers as accountant William and Julia McKenzie as accomplished cook Hester, Fresh Fields wry, gentle humour made it a firm favourite with viewers, spawning an equally popular sequel French Fields and earning McKenzie a BAFTA nomination for Best Light Entertainment Performance.

Frost on Saturday

Frost on Saturday logoFrost on Saturday was the show that effectively broke the strike and turned on London Weekend Television on August 3, 1968. The day before, the unions pulled the plug on the first intended LWT show, We Have Ways of Making You Laugh. But Frank Muir, LWT's Head of Light Entertainment, stepped in. He was the floor director for the debut of Frost on Saturday. Real crews took over within three weeks and kept the series going through 1969. There is no editor for this show. If you would like to be the editor look here for details.

Frost on Sunday

Frost on Sunday logoNo Description

Full House (1985)

Full House (1985) logoAfter marrying three years ago, Marsha and Paul Hatfield finally find their ideal home. The only problem is that they can't meet the mortgage repayments, so to pay the bill they share the burden with an unmarried couple, Diana and Murray. The two couples couldn't be more unlike each other. The Hatfields are neat and prim - Paul is prudish and often keeps lists to keep in order; she was pretty in a Freeman's catalogue-type way. The McCoys, of course, were the polar opposites with Diana being blonde and liberal, and Murray was unkempt and anarchic, and prone to the long-term unarranged borrowing of Paul's things. Marsha's mother-in-law, who had never quite become accustomed to the fact that her son Paul loved any woman but his mom, was also on the show. Diana and Murray were finally ma...

Fun House (UK)

Fun House (UK) logoFun House was a British children's game show produced by Scottish Television aired on ITV between 24 February 1989 and 1999. It was hosted by Pat Sharp, who was also aided by twin cheerleaders, Melanie Grant and Martina Grant. The announcer was Gary King.

Game, Set, and Match

Game, Set, and Match logoBernard Samson (Ian Holm) has spent most of his life in Berlin. Following in his late father's footsteps, he worked for British Intelligence during the Cold War period. After losing a member of his East German spy group while trying to cross back into West Berlin, he loses his nerve and has spent the last few years behind a desk in London. The other members of his Intelligence group are Oxford & Cambridge bred bureaucrats with no field experience. Bernard is an anachronism, a dinosaur -but they need him. There is a mole working in London Central leaking secrets to the Russians. Bernard is called out of semi retirement to go back to Berlin and make contact with his old spy group (the Brahms network) and try to find out who the mole is. But who can be trusted? He calls upon his oldes...

George and Mildred

George and Mildred logoGeorge and Mildred is a spin-off of the hit British series Man About the House...the landlords, George and Mildred Roper, have moved on to a new life and now experience life as the tenants, not the landlords. The Fourmiles are the landlords who are often popping their heads in where it doesn't belong.

George and the Dragon

George and the Dragon logoGeorge Russell, chauffeur, odd-job man, and all-round assistant to the retired Colonel Maynard, has a fairly cushy lifestyle. George serves his employer faithfully but his workload is relatively light and he's perfected a way of filling the slower days: he's an habitual womaniser with a cheeky charm, and has driven away more than his far share of female cook-cum-housekeepers with his amorous advances! Following the latest departure, the local employment agency comes up with a replacement almost immediately - and it seems that George has finally met his match in the formiddable Gabrielle Dragon.

Get Some In!

Get Some In! logoJakey Smith is a Teddy Boy who's called up to do his National Service in the Royal Air Force. During basic training, he shares a hut with Ken Richardson, Matthew Lilley and Bruce Leckie. He also has to endure the disapproval of Corporal Percy Marsh.
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